Sexual harassment seems to be the trendiest cause for concern of late, especially for Mariah Carey

Every influential or infamous person is making headlines about their sexual assault antics. These events and happenings are not new in the world. Hidden for so long, the sudden spotlight on this trend can mean only one thing. The media is now ready to reveal these perverts.


The question is why? Why now? Will all the attention create more revenue for media outlets because everyone wants to read about these sexual crimes? A recent lawsuit filed by Anello Security & Consulting reveals singer, Mariah Carey’s abuse of power as an employer.

The entertainer hired Michael Anello in 2015 as her bodyguard. According to sources, Carey did not pay the consulting service for the contract agreement. She owes Anello more than $200,000. Additionally, Anello admits the diva tried to seduce him during a trip to Cabo San Lucas. She apparently called the bodyguard to her room to move some luggage. When he arrived, she was dressed in an open, transparent negligee and acting provocatively. He is clear in relating no physical contact took place.

Pictures of the bodyguard with his employer indicate professionalism from his side. Mariah is seen touching the guard’s arm and broadly smiling at her male escort.



Anello claims no physical contact took place

Carey seems to be going through a significant personal dilemma. She recently fired her longtime manager Stella Bulchnikov. Bryan Tanaka, a backup dancer, replaced Bulchnikov. Tanaka has proceeded to manipulate every aspect of her professional career while taking advantage of the crush Mariah holds for him. But could this be the only reason for the breakup?

Carey and Bulchnikov were working on a reality TV program together with executive producer Brett Ratner. Ratner recently also became the subject of multiple sexual harassment and misconduct allegations. Maybe the move was in the interest of creating distance with the accusations and any relationship with sexual misconduct.
After her recent divorce from Nick Cannon, she is feeling low and feels much shame over her presently curvaceous body. This drop in esteem has led her to a gastric sleeve surgery that will reduce the amount of food she is allowed to consume.



Relying on all these external validations will only lead to more heartbreak

This is not a good look for the once music diva. However, in reality, everyone at one time or another experiences highs and lows in their personal and professional careers. The lash at her bodyguard does not help her cause. Carey accused Anello of being a Nazi, and membership with the KKK. Apparently, she prefers surrounding herself with people of color, not whites. Carey has made this point very obvious.

Nevertheless, six weeks after her gastric surgery and body shaming to boot, Mariah says she is feeling better and has lost a little weight. How will the battle with her old bodyguard will resolve itself? Which direction will her career will take with a new, younger dancer without management experience is yet to be seen.

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