What is the most expensive dog breed in the world?

So, what are the most expensive dog breeds? And which is the most expensive breed of dog? There are approximately 400 dog breeds in the world, but there a mere elite that are are worth an absolute fortune.

Insanely, many of these dog breeds cost the same price as a car!

Below you will find a list of the most expensive dogs in the world. We will reveal to you exorbitant puppy prices, fascinating facts about their breeding and maintenance, and reveal the history of these breeds, and how they came to be domesticated.


10. Saluki $800-$2000

Most expensive dog breeds in the world – Saluki


The Persian Greyhound was domesticated over 5000 years ago. Images of these dogs can be seen depicted in paintings found on the walls of ancient buildings in Ancient Egypt.

They were also mentioned throughout the works of the ancient historian Xenophon. Saluki is incredibly gentle and having a very calm disposition. Every member of the family will adore this adventurous and energetic dog.


9. Norfolk Terrier $1000-$2500

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This hunter was initially bred in Norfolk County, Great Britain. Originally considered another variety of the Norwich Terrier, it was finally acknowledged as a separate breed in 1964.

However, in reality, the Norfolk Terrier is really a Norwich Terrier with hanging ears. Norfolk Terriers are expert hunters. They will make very lively and happy companions. These dogs are daring, patient, robust and really love kids.


8. Chinese Chongqing $3500

Most expensive dog breeds in the world - Chinese Chongqing
Most expensive dog breeds in the world – Chinese Chongqing


This Chinese breed is extremely rare these days. The total number of these dogs left in China is a mere 2000.

Ancient statues depicting this breed date from around 200 BC. These dogs were loyal companions to members of the nobility. However, sadly their numbers have severely been reduced during the 20th century.

These dogs are very loyal, patient and friendly. Additionally, they have a surprisingly long lifespan! An average dog of this breed can live up to 20 years.





7. Akita Inu $1000-$3500


This service dog from Japan first appeared in the Akita region. It shares common roots with the Pomeranian.

Nowadays, the Akita Inu is considered a treasured part of Japanese national heritage. They are incredibly smart, patient and easily trained. They really love their owners. That devotion and loyalty mean they will act as the perfect security measure for your home.


6. Pomeranian $700-$4000

This decorative breed originated in German Pomerania. However, frescoes with similar dogs depicted on them were also found during the era of the Ancient Greeks.

The Pomeranian eventually appeared in Great Britain, where they were incredibly popular during the Victorian era. There is now high demand for this dog breed in Japan and the USA.

These dogs are really smart and easily trained. They love to play and they are very loyal to their owners.



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