OMG! Mossad Recruited French Double Agents

Mossad Recruited French Double Agents
Mossad Recruited French Double Agents

French newspaper Le Monde revealed Sunday (26 March , 2017) how Mossad recruited French double agents


Together they successfully thwarted a Syrian chemical weapons program. However, allegedly the Israeli intelligence agency continued to utilize the agents as sources.

Le Monde released details from an audit report written by French intelligence. This report revealed details of how Mossad had persuaded the French spies to become double agents.


Vulnerabilities and Corruption

The report also revealed an additional entanglement with Bernard Squarcini. Squarcini formerly headed the General Directorate for Internal Security. He left the position in 2012.

He stands accused of not reporting his unauthorized ties to Mossad’s bureau chief in Paris. The report identified this bureau chief as D.K. Allegedly he no longer works in this post.


Mossad Recruited French Double Agents
Mossad Recruited French Double Agents


Altogether, 10 Mossad agents infiltrated France illegally to run the operation. After revelations of their involvement, all returned to Israel. They allegedly now work as private businessmen.


Operation Ratafia

The operation codenamed “Ratafia” aimed to thwart Syrian chemical weapon plans. The joint Israeli and French agents targeted a Syrian engineer who had close ties to Assad.

Mossad derived the French agents from various units within the counterintelligence agency. They encouraged this engineer to set up an import/export business. The agents promised him lucrative contacts. They also assured him they would enable him to undertake further chemistry training.

The Israeli agents dealt with the part of the plot enabling the engineer to recruit further Syrian engineers. Both sets of agents met to discuss the operation under false names.

The operation proved successful. The intelligence accumulated by the agents then transferred to the European Union. It revealed the EU’s scientific cooperation with Syria. Immediately they froze assets and canceled the agreement with Syria.


Mossad Exploited French Double Agents

However, the audit report accuses Mossad of crossing further boundaries. Allegedly they further exploited their relationships with the French double agents. After the operation was complete, they continued to use them as intelligence sources for the Israeli government.


Mossad Recruited French Double Agents

A rival intelligence agency undertook surveillance of Mossad and the double agents. According to photographs and other records, many unauthorized liaisons took place.

One particular French double agent attended a Friday night Shabbat meal at the home of the Mossad bureau chief. On another occasion, he sought permission to vacation in Dubai. However, on his return, he covertly detoured via Israel. While in Israel he attended meetings with Mossad.

There were reports showing that these French double agents accepted large gifts of money. Bank records revealed suspicious deposits appeared in their accounts.


Agents Exposed and Demoted

All of the agents who covertly worked for Mossad were immediately demoted and stripped of their security clearance.

France seeks to make further investigations, however, Israel is not complying. To make it worse, the Mossad agents who supposedly became private businessmen have still been liaising with Squarcini.

Squarcini faces corruption charges if proven guilty. His agency had been preparing a report about Mossad infiltrating French intelligence. However, this report didn’t mention the Mossad agents involved in Ratafia.

France is furious that the weaknesses within their Intelligence became exploited. They wish to seek justice for this embarrassing situation.


International Espionage a Necessary Evil

However, we live in a world in which the majority of nations utilize espionage agencies. It is a “necessary evil” that nations act covertly in such ways.¬† Finding weaknesses in other Intelligence agencies enables them to strengthen their own security.

A strong Intelligence organization within a nation is as crucial as a strong army when it comes to defending a country. Mossad is notoriously powerful. However, it seeks to protect a tiny vulnerable state surrounded by nations that seek its destruction.

France is rushing to save face for the exposure of their vulnerabilities.

Mossad has proven they are expertly protecting the Jewish state. It’s how the world runs, whether it makes us comfortable or not.