Money Hungry FDA Approves Novel Cancer Treatment

Money Hungry FDA Approves Novel Cancer Treatment
Money Hungry FDA Approves Novel Cancer Treatment

FDA launches phase of approval regulation as pharmaceutical marketplace gains revenue from the private sector for everyone.

We’ve all heard the pharmaceutical industry runs the world. Well, it also runs the FDA. The FDA has strict approval regulations for submission of new drugs into its market.

At each phase of approval, companies, owners of these companies, professors, well thought out placed executives on medical school boards all related in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, receive a cut of these installations.

Once upon a time, the FDA developed criteria for drug efficacy. These criteria take time and money. Applications and reception occur in stages. Each stage receives monetary rewards from your pocket into theirs. They also receive publicity. Of course, money and publicity go hand in hand.

The FDA demands the same standards across the globe. Full reports must show the safety with use of drugs submitted for approval. Next, detailed data from experiments and documented clinical testing of experts. Following this, detailed information of all those treated with the drug. A full statement of the adverse effects must also be addressed and submitted.




There is a great deal of screening. Products, clinical trials, and continuous documentation follows a rigorous approval process. Clearly the FDA plays gatekeeper and has veto power beyond our wildest imagination.


Disease is a marketplace

Profits grow businesses and eliminate competition. This cycle of perceived regulation is simply a front for the continuation of existing diseases and the launching of new ones. Drug companies continue to pay a whole slew of government and businesses to perpetuate this cycle.

Now we have a new cancer drug released and publicized. Why? Generation of more money for those in power. When you see the picture of the cancer patient, it’s supposed to tug at your heart.

This is brilliant advertising strategy for the medical marketplace. It’s effective. In fact, most cancer research is designed to fill someone’s pockets. We are encouraged to believe our money goes towards research. Furthermore, this research is not in our best interest.

The truth about cancer is there is a cure and has been for a long time. Prevention with diet and nutrition goes against the medical industry. It does go a long way in keeping cancer at bay. Additionally, there are many cancer-fighting plants that do their job miraculously.


Money Hungry FDA Approves Novel Cancer Treatment - Blushwood berry tree
Money Hungry FDA Approves Novel Cancer Treatment – Blushwood berry tree



For instance, an eight-year-old study reveals Blushwood berries, from rainforests in Queensland, do exactly what the new CAR T-cell therapy claims to do, but without the deadly side effects. No, It’s not weird or mystical to utilize the breadth of nature’s wisdom and curative properties.

In fact, the FDA even knows this fact. That’s why when the Blushwood berry tree, discovered by biotech companies searching the forest for natures best remedies; patented the pure extract taken directly from the berries.

This extract, EBC-46 has the proven power to eat cancer cells and repair other cell damage simultaneously. Proving the side effects of the drug aid in curing the patient instead of causing more damage or death.

The company that patented the extract has conducted all the rigorous efficacy directives. We learned from the clinical trials; we don’t need complex manufacturing of this drug. It is possible to imitate the climate and conditions the Blushwood berry tree grows, in greenhouses or other controlled environments.

EcoBiotics, the company that found the extract in 2004, is dedicated to understanding how rainforest systems work. Its aim is Integration of newly discovered chemicals with potent bioactivity. It’s still a drug company who wants to make money. Somehow, EcoBiotics seems more responsible and honest in their search.

Moreover, because this cancer cure comes directly from nature, the FDA probably won’t even glance at the application. The response to this natural drug in the highly controlled medical marketplace is the development and marketing of their very own new synthetic product CAR T-cell therapy.



The “new” cancer therapy

Novartis is the drug maker behind the supposed CAR T-cell therapy. This therapy has many pitfalls during treatment. The side effects could be deadly. Therapy involves taking samples of blood from the cancer patients. The blood then is sent to a laboratory where T-cells are genetically engineered to produce receptors on the cells.

The cells are then grown in the lab until they reach into the billions. After this, the blood is again transported back for infusion into the patient’s body. These engineered receptors recognize and kill cancer cells that anchor the receptors on their surface.

The risks are very high for contamination. Additionally, a risk the recipients won’t receive their blood is possible. Not to mention the deadly side effects which include, kidney failure, irregular heart rhythms, a severe drop in blood pressure and probably more. Cancer researcher claim this is the first therapy to act in this way. Certainly, they knew about the effects of EBC-46.