Why Modern Capitalism Needs Your Idiocy

Why Modern Capitalism Needs Your Idiocy
Why Modern Capitalism Needs Your Idiocy

Ignorance and human stupidity drive modern economics

What is the modern economy based on? Natural resources, intellectual capital, money? No. Ignorance and human stupidity drive modern economics. Let’s see how we got to this point.

In the 1960’s, man made the first flight into outer space. Looking through the development of science and technology since then, we notice something. Nothing comparable with the magnitude of this event has occurred.


Why Modern Capitalism Needs Your Idiocy


Without Threat There Is No Science

The arms race between the Soviet Union and the United States brought, as a result, the first successful attempt to dominate space. It made physical science an honorable and fashionable profession.

Until 1970, children dreamed of being physicists and exploring other planets. But the enthusiasm did not last long. Why? It’s simple: the nuclear superpowers got tired of scaring each other.

The 70s passed under the famous “distension“. The arms race went into a phase of inertia and governments began to demand less from the scientists. Once considered a demi-god, the physicist became relegated to being a common professional. Being a scientist or just being able to think in a scientific way was no longer in vogue.


The fact is that science does not develop by itself, it needs an external push

Usually a government order to improve military equipment. And when there is no such order? Then, all varieties of mysticism and esotericism appear on the scene.

The Western world went mad with Buddhism, Yoga, and other Eastern practices. This was precisely during the 1960s and 1970s.


Why Modern Capitalism Needs Your Idiocy

The Era of Satiety and Praise of Stupidity

There was another very important change in the society of the 60s and 70s. People (at least in capitalist countries) began to live well. They finally managed to satisfy their basic domestic needs. They had access to normal food, good clothing, ample living space, appliances and cars.

In the 1950s European and American societies still dreamed of all this. The English miners from the towns only bought fruit if one of their loved ones became ill. Italians put butter in pasta only on great holidays.

Poverty was considered the norm. But by the end of the sixties things changed for the developed capitalist world. It was finally capable of providing a well-nourished and comfortable life.


What happens to a person who meets their basic needs?

According to Dostoevsky, these are the proper conditions to begin to seek the meaning of life. In practice, however, something else happened. The man did not have time to ask himself “How to live?”.

Multinational companies already had an answer to this question. Capitalism is constantly expanding into new markets. But now it does not look for them in new countries, but creates them in the minds of consumers.

Whose idea was it that updating a wardrobe should be according to fashion every season?  The manufacturers of clothes.

Who decided that without food supplements it was impossible to take care of your health? Pharmaceutical companies.

Who said that cellulitis disfigures the body? The cosmetologists. In this way the art of inventing fictitious needs, now known as Marketing, was born.

But how to get people to buy what they do not need? Marketing strategists know not to appeal to consumer’s reason. The consumer understands that they are being manipulated.

The psyche’s emotional and instinctive layers are what advertising and marketing influence. The main thing is to deprive the person of the ability to think critically. Then the business of the unnecessary will go uphill.


Why Modern Capitalism Needs Your Idiocy - The Era of Satiety and Praise of Stupidity
Why Modern Capitalism Needs Your Idiocy – The Era of Satiety and Praise of Stupidity

The ideal consumer is today one who consumes without hesitation

The most important thing for him is not to miss the novelty, nor to deny the thrill of feeling a cheap emotion.

The ideal consumer has the perfect white teeth and the latest iPhone model. He has not played enough with the old toy, but he’s already looking for the new one.

He washes his hands only with antibacterial gel. He does not even think about the facts. That the total protection against germs affects the body and does not protect it. He does not need rational evidence.


The Modern Media Is the Factory of Stupidity

How and by whom was this cheerful machine of continuous consumption created? The media, in the first place television, simplify the information. They take it to the consumer in the form of an easy and chewed porridge.

The modern media does not seek to raise the consumer to a higher level. On the contrary they lower it, not only to their own level but to a much lower one. Why read long texts if instead you can just look through a book with pictures?


Person transformation into a cheerful idiot begins in childhood

Instead of books, the child slides from comics to celebrity magazines. This deterioration continues as the child grows to when he becomes an adult.

He is not able to appreciate anything more complicated than a romance or detective novel. Not to mention the fact that he is unable to discuss it.

This applies even to people with a professional card in their pocket. They prefer a pre-prepared “official” opinion, to facts and logic. This is regardless of whether it comes from the “talking head” of television and not from a real expert on the theme.


Why Modern Capitalism Needs Your Idiocy
Why Modern Capitalism Needs Your Idiocy


Learn To Match the Society

What does the modern school teach? Basically, the rules of behavior in society. How to like others, how to fit into the group, how to make important connections. But physics and chemistry are no longer useful, that’s the domain of the nerds. Why learn something if Google gives me the answer to any question?

Scientific knowledge in the head requires effort. It is much more convenient to keep it empty, and so there is more room for a dozen brands of toilet paper.

In extreme cases, one can fill it with information about fresh technological innovations. But only in order to be more advanced. Modern education technologies form “advanced” people, not intelligent or able to think critically.

Stupidity and ignorance are the last refuge of Modern capitalism. Thanks to them the modern market may receive nourishment. But what happens when there is no one who creates new products?

In fact, one day in the world there will be only bleating human herd. Thirsting for new emotions and new sensations, but unable to create anything independently.

Unfortunately, Western civilization does not care about that yet. What matters to them today is to expand stupidity to grow blunt consumers.