The Mind-Blowing World Our Great-Grandchildren Will Inhabit

  • Human and Physical Features
  • Modify the Weather
  • Synthetic Telepathy
  • 3D Food Print
  • Evolution of Man on Earth

The Mind-Blowing World Our Great-Grandchildren Will Inhabit
The Mind-Blowing World Our Great-Grandchildren Will Inhabit

Many of us ponder what the world our great-grandchildren will inhabit will resemble.

Indeed, the world we inhabit now would be mind-blowing to our great-grandparents. Only a hundred years ago they could have never fathomed the incredible technological advancements that we take for granted these days.

Our great-grandparent’s generations made many wild predictions about our future, and occasionally some did come true. Therefore, we will attempt to do the same. Will our great-grandchildren believe we are way off the mark?

By examining the beginnings of technology that is still in its infancy, we can make some fairly accurate guesses as to how they will grow.

Below we list just how the world will be mind-blowingly different for our great-grandchildren:


The Mind-Blowing World Our Great-Grandchildren Will Inhabit
The Mind-Blowing World Our Great-Grandchildren Will Inhabit


Humans will modify the weather

People have desired to change the weather since time immemorial. They have used rain dances, magic spells, and other rituals in an attempt to relieve things like droughts. How successful they were is purely anecdotal.

However, through the past several decades there have been more scientific approaches to weather modification. The most efficient method appears to be cloud-seeding.

Allegedly, China recently broke a long-term drought by utilizing a cloud-seeding technique. The Chinese claim that after shooting silver iodide rods into clouds, a wild snowstorm ensued.

Additionally, a travel company called “Oliver’s Travels” claims it can guarantee a rain-free wedding if you purchase their cloud-seeding package for around $150,000. Spectacular claims indeed!

Clearly, as technology advances, weather modification will develop also. Weather modification will most likely be an everyday occurrence for our great-grandchildren.


Humans will turn the deserts green

In less than 60 years, the tiny state of Israel has converted arid desert to fertile farmland. Israelis have created desalination of sea water, drip irrigation, and other dramatic agricultural advancements.


The Mind-Blowing World Our Great-Grandchildren Will Inhabit
The Mind-Blowing World Our Great-Grandchildren Will Inhabit


Additionally, during that short period, Israel has managed to plant over 240 million trees. Furthermore, Israel is extremely keen to share their techniques with the world.

Wouldn’t this be an amazing thing? Will our great-grandchildren see the deserts of the world turn green? More than likely. And a bonus cherry on top could be that they will finally witness the creation of peace in the Middle East.


Nanorobots will live in our body to heal disease

Scientists are getting extremely close to creating the first nanorobots for use within the human body. They will be small enough to inject intravenously.

The possible uses would include diagnosing disease, as well as fighting it. These tiny robots could also administer medication and even potentially grow new organs.

Another crazy possibility is that nanobots will also have non-medical uses such as recording our memories. Our bodies could become integrated within technology through their use.


Humans will use synthetic telepathy

For almost a decade already, the US Army has been spending millions of dollars funding research into synthetic telepathy. Synthetic telepathy utilizes a computer to translate brainwaves from thoughts into words. Such technology is called electroencephalography.

Already, neuroscientists have made dramatic advances in thought communication technology. Researchers demonstrated one remarkable development when they taught monkeys how to manipulate robotic limbs merely by mental will.

Additionally, Elon Musk has developed what is called “neural lace“. Already this technology has been injected into mice, and their brains are one with computers. Researchers hope that such technology could help not only with communication but become a cure for mental illness or Parkinson’s disease.

Researchers estimate that such technology will be available within the next decade. Our great-grandchildren may no longer use what they will consider being outdated smartphones. Instead, they will satiate their technology needs using only the power of their minds.


The Mind-Blowing World Our Great-Grandchildren Will Inhabit
The Mind-Blowing World Our Great-Grandchildren Will Inhabit


Humans will no longer inhabit land or even the earth

Humans will find savvy ways to deal with population growth and climate change. There are several ideas of new structures that people will inhabit, that are likely to be a reality a century from now.

Skyscrapers will dwarf even the tallest skyscrapers we see today. Saudi Arabia is currently spending over a billion dollars developing a building that will reach a kilometer into the sky, containing 200 floors.

People will also build what “earthscrapers”. Mexico is already in the works to develop these types of buildings. Architects there have designed a 75 story inverted pyramid to be set in Mexico City’s old public square.

Bubble cities will also become a reality. These cities will be suspended under the ocean, and will actually contain technology that can absorb oxygen from the surrounding sea water. Those who inhabit will be very comfortable.

Humans will also realize their dreams of inhabiting other planets. Our great-grandchildren will most likely take vacations on the moon.




Humans will 3D print their food

If you are old enough to recollect the Jetsons cartoon, you are old enough to one day have great-grandchildren who will live a similar life to theirs. We all can recall how the show included the family pressing buttons to have whatever their choice of food appear immediately.

Natural Machines” is a company that is on the verge of releasing a 3D food printer called “Foodini“. So far it seems they can create elegant designs from food purees that act as the “ink”. However, their machine only does half the work, meaning that home cooking is not made obsolete by their technology.

Clearly, the potential is astounding. Antony Dobrzensky is the founder and CEO of “Food ink”, a pop-up restaurant that 3D prints not only the food but also the cutlery, tables, and chairs!