Michael Jackson Estate Set to Sue Filmmakers

File photo of U.S. popstar Michael Jackson performing during his concert in Vienna
U.S. popstar Michael Jackson performs during his "HIStory World Tour" concert in Vienna, July 2, 1997. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger

The two sets of filmmakers working on separate films about Michael Jackson’s life may see themselves imminently sued in court.


The Estate of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, look set to sue filmmakers who are working on two new films about the controversial pop star. A spokesperson has asserted that neither projects are authorized and will face legal action if the productions utilize any materials or music associated with Jackson.



One film is based on a book written by two bodyguards that worked intimately with Jackson during his life, called Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland. The date for release is May 29. The other, entitled Bubbles, documents the life of Jackson through the eyes of his pet chimpanzee. Netflix allegedly recently showed interest in the idea.


From the official Michael Jackson Estate announcement:

“To clear up any confusion or misperceptions about unsanctioned Michael Jackson projects currently in the news – including a Lifetime television movie and an animated film script recently purchased by Netflix – the Estate of Michael Jackson does not license or permit the use of any rights it owns, including to Michael’s music, images video, and films, fo ruse in unauthorized works seeking to exploit Michael’s legacy.”




Official projects

The Estate also added that there are numerous official projects currently in the pipeline. However, the estate and the Jackson family wish to maintain strict control. They expect such projects to maintain authenticity and the utmost respect for Michael’s memory. Furthermore, they divulged that they would announce these plans would very soon.


Even throughout Michael’s life, his family and close friends fiercely guarded his privacy, protecting him from countless lawsuits and accusations. Controversy followed the pop star even after his death; his peculiar lifestyle drew much curiosity and attention from the media and fans.



Meanwhile, the estate will wait to make a legal move after Searching for Neverland goes to air later this week. The project stars famed Michael Jackson impersonator Navi, who assisted Jackson as his body double on occasion. Navi has spoken to reassure the estate that his rendition of his most favorite idol was done with the utmost respect. Clearly, he was a fierce defender of Jackson during his lifetime. Obviously, this continues to be the case after his death.

Still, the Estate has been quick to jump to legal action in the past. Therefore, the assumption is they will not have much patience if these new projects even hint at any level of, what they perceive of as, disrespect.


Jackson’s colorful life

Despite all the controversy during his life, Michael Jackson remains one of the most iconic pop stars of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. While surviving an abusive childhood he became the central darling of the Jackson 5. Subsequently, he undertook a solo career that saw him riding the top of the charts. He won the hearts of millions of fans.

What Elvis Presley was for rock and roll, Jackson did for pop music. Fans remember him for his legendary moonwalk, humanitarian passions and childlike outlook on life. Jackson is a legend that will go down in history, without a doubt.