Menacing Vatican Secrets No One Is Supposed To Know (Video)

Informers reveal Vatican secrets no one knows

Menacing Vatican Secrets No One Is Supposed To Know
Menacing Vatican Secrets No One Is Supposed To Know

Vatican Hides Dark Secrets Throughout History

Beginning with the fact that religion is a way to instill fear and control the masses, the Catholic church, and its autonomous state control the world as we know it. The basis of this so-called institution is pagan with symbols and secrets long held underground and kept with reverence, rituals, and control. All sorts of evil stem from the base of this very sick tree. Its roots are so deep and extend so far, no one could fathom. I don’t think that words can even do justice to the evil and corruption behind the Vatican and everything related. The biggest problem is that it regulates everything. In one way another, we are all connected to this grave power. It alludes me where to begin.

Financially the Vatican holds supremacy over every land, real estate property, the federal reserve bank, taxes, the list goes on. Not only do they collect donations to support private hedge funds and personal pensions of bishops and other priestly figures. Additionally, the Vatican is connected to the Bank of England which controls the US Federal Reserve.

In essence, every promissory note and the dollar bill are worthless

Real estate properties are controlled by the Vatican in that all banks have few leaders and guess who the leaders to hold allegiance? Yes, you guessed it, the Bank of England which has its major branch in the Vatican.

Even the state of Israel is leased from the Vatican. A person who buys property in Israel only leases for a period of one hundred years. After that, the land goes back into the hands of the Vatican. All money gets commissioned with the bulk ending up glazing the Vatican walls with pure gold. Some of that gold is from the Nazi regime. The Vatican has come to the aid of many Nazi war criminals, helping them find a normal-well-to-do life in South America.

The powers that be have tried and succeeded to create a new world order

The catch is, there is nothing new about it. Political power didn’t start or finish with the National Fascist Party and Mussolini. The basic understanding of this union is the church gave its profound approval of the dictatorship over Italy in exchange for lots of money and revenue from taxes. However, the supremacy of the Catholic church began even before the middle ages.

From then until today, the Vatican controls the printing of money, a collection of taxes, interest to governments and banks. The Holy See has an influence worldwide. Any Catholic is influenced by the Pope and the Vatican. Consequently, world leaders like presidents have come to meet with the Pope for purposes of political influence. It began with a few powerful bankers who met together to decide the fate of the banking industry and thus nations.




These influential bankers sustained influence over whatever they chose to invest

One of the wealthy families, the Rockefellers decided to take a stake in medical institutions and since make the medical industry about prescribing drugs inevitably increasing hold in the fields of medicine, pharmacology and everything related. It is interesting to note the history of the Rockefellers begins and ends with the American oil mogul. Nevertheless, lineage will be found in England at the bank of England well before this time.

Morgan is another name that relates with the group of bankers in agreement and cahoots with the Catholic Church. JP Morgan was a financier, but you could also trace his ancestry back to the same bank, same meeting, same grand scheme.

Since the media is also under the same umbrella, the church decides what will print, how it will print, for how long and every distraction available to control the minds of men will be spoon fed by our media professionals and representatives.

The Vatican boasts about its secret chambers, grotto’s and passageways with various ancient artifacts only the select few are graced to see. But this is also a well thought out distraction the media and its Catholic denominator use to keep our minds occupied and away from the truth.


Every business and intelligence agency has the Holy See controlling it

Indeed, it is also no surprise how this remarkably powerful “religious” force takes children from their families. It happened in France, South America, Germany, etc. Catholic leaders commit orphaned children to mental asylums all for the sake of gaining greater domination and money. The numbers of children raped, tortured, humiliated and murdered are in the millions. These acts are scattered in throughout history. Simultaneously, the authority figures represented by the Catholic church only get a public reprimand and possibly relocation.


The damage done is far reaching

How is a world domination with such far reaching power stripped of its influence? Certainly, with knowledge, comes responsibility. As our current generation wakes up to the devastating fact that no one is free and everyone is paying for the continuation of this genius evil, maybe somehow someone will be able to take some power back.

Money and authority do control people

However, beliefs are in our minds and hearts. If the world can learn about the heinous acts of the Catholic church, its banking and money systems and all the torture, maybe we can extricate ourselves from it all.

Karen Hudes used to work for the bank and followed a money trail until it was pulled away from her hound. Hudes knows of many whistle blowers who are trying in their ways to battle this universal power.

Many must join together to fight for true freedom

Hudes is a lawyer and was fired from her bank job for no real substantial reason. She documented the paper trail of her dismissal and the lack of proper conflict resolution. Rather, the bank and all those related wanted to quiet the informer.

Hudes reveals the Vatican owns every company listed on the market as well as a few not listed. In addition to the businesses the Catholic Church owns, the media is also under the same puppeteer. Secret deals utilize the apportioning of money for everything they decided meaningful towards their goals of world dominion. Including the CIA and every other intelligence agency. The Vatican has a bigger, grand intelligence agency that manages the others.

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The devastation done is profound

As the world suffers from poverty, hunger, abuse, the overall corruption does not affect the leaders. They lack compassion and empathy. The basis for the reason it all began.

Karen Hudes and her counterparts must succeed in their pursuit of justice against this crushing force. It is the only way, we the people will get our freedoms and liberties. They never existed before, but hopefully, we can find a way to break free from the magical power of the Vatican, its founders, and supporters.

Millions of people flock to visit Vatican City. Criminals who engage in petty thievery such as pick pocketing, love the city for this very reason. The only to have citizenship within its walls is with employment. Once a job ends, so does your residency.

There will be no peace in the world if things continue under this guise. Religion must be undone as our lives have been. The choice must come from each of us, the power of our minds, and we must take our power back.

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