Magnificent Sea Sparkle Decorates Coast of Tasmania by Glowing (Video)

Bio luminescent plankton lights us Tasmania

Magnificent Sea Sparkle Decorates Coast of Tasmania
Magnificent Sea Sparkle Decorates Coast of Tasmania

Tasmanian coast radiates brilliant luminescent glow

Sea sparkle, technically known as Noctiluca Scintillans is a plant plankton. This single celled algae has a fascinating bright blue glow. From the shore, it glows creating an appearance to instill awe in any sea sparkle gazer. This algae is crowding the shore in Tasmania.

However, our human race is shallow and self-centered. What our eyes do not see is this plankton is sending a signal to predators to stay away. The same as a skunk sprays its fumes against a threat; this plankton is acting the same way. While the single celled creatures consume other plankton, they throw off the ecosystem of the ocean.

Sea sparkle shifts the balance of oxygen in the water. It also consumes the food shellfish rely on to survive. An entire underwater ecosystem is thrown out of whack. In fact, Tasmanian shellfish farmers are complaining because their source of livelihood is hungry and can’t grow properly.




It’s possible that ocean currents and global warming are contributing to the growth of this species

Some believe the bio luminescent algae can build a small tourist industry for Tasmania. Indeed the glow from this plankton is quite captivating. Nevertheless, there are factors more important.

Our human race has a responsibility to nurture and protect all plant and wildlife for the sake of continuity of all life on our planet earth. We are not here to gawk only at what we see as beautiful with our eyes. Thought must be involved in all our endeavors.

In our current conscious reality, there a great divide. There are those who shallowly look and only see the surface of all people, places, and things. These people are the ones who would visit Tasmania to enjoy the peaceful view of a glowing shoreline.


We can all appreciate the allure of this picture

Then there are those who see a deeper picture. Wildlife exhibiting a sign of distress is a call we must hear and rise to the occasion. Taking action to increase more oxygen in the water and preventing this plankton from destroying other life from which its steals food. It is our job to protect our environment.

The same lesson can be applied to all the people who view others as a source of pleasure. We are that but so much more. Each life has value beyond what we see. It’s time to see with the mind and soul instead of just the eyes.




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