Out of a small town in Michigan, came a young girl with big lifetime dreams and aspirations

Inspired by emptiness from the devastating death of her mother, Madonna set out on a path to gain the recognition she lacked from home. The pursuit of unconditional love is something for which we all yearn.


However, for Madonna, it was something bigger than herself. During her lifetime, she has reinvented herself over and over again to find the source of her muse and inspiration.

As a teen, Madonna found herself on the periphery of social cliques. She expressed her spirit and developed a love of movement and dance through cheerleading and other dance outlets. But the small town did not have much to offer her grand inspiration.


Move to New York

After a move to New York to break into the music scene, Madonna struggled in the big apple with all the hard breaks a city masks within its dark background. But she would not give up and worked day and night to get her big break. Determined to find the love and adoration she lacked, Madonna created music, a platform to present and sell herself with a level of ambition and determination never recognized before. Especially as a female entering the music industry, her marketing had to be something unique and somewhat edgy so she could grip the attention she pursued.




As the music developed, her style and boldness seemed to take on a life of its own. Madonna was cast into the part of a seducer. It became the gimmick that would rocket her to stardom with the controversy that focuses the spotlight. At the same time, MTV infused the music industry with visual deliberation.

Madonna hit that pulse at exactly the right time and the entertainer was launched into stardom. Although she wanted to be taken seriously as an artist, her correct form was one of provocation. It was in this way that Madonna received attention.

Nonetheless, Madonna learned quickly that attention, adoration, love, and approval were very different things. She eventually began to lean more towards exhibitionism for more attention, fame, and control in the music industry; Madonna used shock value to stir up even more controversy.



The desire to prove her will was stronger than discouragement took hold and never let go

The dichotomy in her personality longing for pure unconditional love, security and safety was a constant battle. This contrast also included her dedication to the religiousness she knew about her mother and her innate desire to test the lines of convention and acceptance. However, the path had been set, and she was determined to follow and pursue what she had begun.

A few of her early influences were singers like, Debbie Harry from Blondie, Chrissy Hynde and David Bowie. David Bowie was an example of a performer creating a persona with various success. Many musicians during their time used a similar technique to gain fame and fortune. For Madonna, it was also successful.






Madonna’s marriage and divorce

At the height of her success, Madonna married Sean Penn. She felt herself disappearing from the spotlight because she was now “taken.” The misogyny so prevalent in our culture enveloped her larger than life image and conveniently and comfortably placed it within the structure of marriage.



This did give her the safety and security for which she longed. Meanwhile, over time Madonna became bored within this boundary. Sean and Madonna divorced to make way for another chapter of her life.

After the birth of Lourdes, Madonna experienced the typical nurturing motherly instinct. It may have even helped to reconcile some of the loss of her own. In fact, Madonna once admitted, “Lola is the love of my life.”




A few years later, when she became pregnant with her son, Rocco, Madonna decided to settle into a domesticated proper English family life with her then-husband, Guy Ritchie. The conservative dress and behavior was her attempt to shed the brash revealing lifestyle and take on a more traditional family situation.



It may have worked for awhile, but Madonna was not at home in England, even though she had tried it and may have also liked it for a time




Now we again see the entertainer, divorced and back in America. The criticism she has received from the press and piers has broken her heart. But Madonna has dished it at as much as she has taken it. She continues to hold a platform where she can speak her mind about any opinion she holds. Hard work, blood, sweat and tears spanning decades have earned her the rights to “rule the world,” at least that is how she views it.

Though Madonna may be aging, as we all are, she finds no solace there. The performance industry holds no sympathy for the old and fading beauty is no sight to behold. The years of projecting sensuality and attracting attention based on a fleeting image are no longer an option. It is time for another change. This one might prove to be the most interesting of them all.

Could Madonna’s career be finished? Will she wake up to a new muse and recreate herself once again? Or will she find what she has searched for within herself? No matter which road the actor/singer/ entertainer pursues, she can always retire knowing she accomplished what she set out to do.

It is also possible for the entertainer to just enjoy watching her children achieve goals of their own. Her encouragement, support, and wisdom from a lifetime of business and entertainment experience are probably worthwhile.

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