Lucky Zodiac Horoscopes – September 2017

Do you want to know what the stars have in store for you this September?

Lucky Zodiac Horoscopes - September 2017
Lucky Zodiac Horoscopes - September 2017

What do the constellations have in store for your sun sign this September?


September begins with a Mercury in retrograde that encompassed a full solar eclipse. The internet has been abuzz with people wondering how this will affect their lives astrologically.

This month Mercury goes direct, and there are many major energy shifts. Most importantly, many people will feel a breakthrough in an area of their lives that they have felt was destroyed, by the end of September. Find your sun sign below to see how these things will affect you!



Zodiac - Aries
Zodiac – Aries


born March 21 – April 19

You feel that you are going to burst with a volcano of creative energy. Also at this time, it could be that you desperately wish to move forward with a romantic partner. But with Mercury still retrograde at the beginning of September, you are going to have to take the opportunity to reevaluate your thought processes in these areas. Give it a few weeks, and your mind will get a sense of clarity and bold release.

Nevertheless, still be cautious. Your ideas and words will only be conducive to your goals if you have spent time reevaluating and reorganizing them. Slow and steady wins the race, and you might just see evidence of this mid-month! And any new love interest could be feeling smitten with your spontaneity. Just make sure you don’t fall victim to any delusional dreams in your blind-spot.

You will feel like focusing on destructive health patterns that may be holding you back in your career plans. Later in the month, there may be some painful reminders to keep on top of looking after yourself. But you should be able to take affirmative action to remedy these. At the end of the month, you will feel the Phoenix of your health rising again.



Zodiac - Taurus
Zodiac – Taurus


born April 20 – May 20

What you think needs to change at home may feel held back, thanks to Mercury retrograde. Unexpected dreams, or daydreams, may send hints as to how to create some kind of mini, slow motion revolution in your private realm.  It won’t be long until you can put your ideas into action. By mid month you will have a more optimistic outlook in this area

A love interest may be sending you mixed messages, so be careful to focus on rational reality at all times. This could still end up giving your world a bit of a shake up but will enable you to maintain more clarity in the future. Indeed, later in the month, your steady heart feels more sure-footed to navigate such matters.

There may be external confusion surrounding a new connection or creative endeavor you are feeling optimistic about. It is possible that your social group may not approve. However, you might be surprised that some in unexpected corners actually come out in full support. All in all, you will, by the end of the month, trust your inner Phoenix to rise and transport you to much greener pastures.



Zodiac - Gemini
Zodiac – Gemini


born May 21 – June 20

You may be feeling that your brain is going to explode like a volcano with all the information that seems trapped there. However, if you have played your cards right during the Mercury retrograde, all those thoughts will be covered in extra notes from reevaluation. Your thoughts on the chaos transpiring in the greater community are bold and fighting. But give it to mid month when you can present your message more steadily and rationally.

Delusions and confusion at work may be causing conflict with your desire to focus on the home and deal with making improvements that have been queuing for attention. It may be that you will just choose to get on with fixing things up, as the rational solution is to maintain secure foundations. Some of these foundations may need tearing up, either literally or metaphorically. But this will make perfect sense.

A romantic partner may start an adventure that includes picking apart your thought processes. Luckily for you, this feels like being undressed sensually, and you welcome the benefits it provides. In fact, by mid month, your love life could be looking extremely positive. With your life’s foundations becoming more stable, you feel more confident about extending your mind, which of course rules a Gemini’s heart.

And unexpectedly, the greater community may provide support for what your heart wants. Whatever happens in the long run, this connection will change you. It will be really important to exercise trust about this. And as a bonus, your sex life may start to pick up explosively!


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