Lucky Zodiac Horoscopes – October 2017

Do you want to know what the stars have in store for you this October?

Lucky Zodiac Horoscopes - October 2017
Lucky Zodiac Horoscopes - October 2017

What do the constellations have in store for your sun sign this October?


The Phoenix is keen to take flight as October begins, and the universe is deeply rumbling with a desire to shift. The world is changing, so hold onto the railings! But what does this mean to you? Check your sign below and see how your personal evolution will progress throughout October:



born March 21 – April 19

Zodiac - Aries
Zodiac – Aries

You finally see your career evolve in a direction beyond your wildest dreams. While it is different to what you imagined, it is better. Your drive and desire to serve are direct and clear. Service has been the key to your evolution. On the full moon on the 5th of October, you will see yourself as a tree that bears fruit. Whenever you feel that whispers of higher wisdom are being a party pooper with your progress, take heed. You won’t regret it!

The spotlight is mainly focused on relationships towards to middle of the month. You are able to communicate with your significant other with ease, and any conversations will be very enlightening for you. However, your evolving career may become like a spanner in the works occasionally, so be careful not to put any power-trips on your partner. Internalize the desire for control rather than allow it to create tension in your relationship.

Intense energy shifts will occur mid-month also, when suddenly you may get an enormously increased sex-drive. However, you will experience this as a longing to connect your soul with another, rather than just a desire to “get your rocks off.” You may come across as intense to your sexual partner, and this could begin a period of developing a deeper soul connection between you both. This may initially feel chaotic to whatever order you have between you, but your souls have been waiting to move deeper for some time now.



born April 20 – May 20

Zodiac - Taurus
Zodiac – Taurus

Taurus has been feeling creatively driven, and you are finding you can use this energy to further your spiritual evolution. The rebirth this is initiating does sometimes feel slow and occasionally unnerving. However, anything new, like a birth, always comes with a level of discomfort. Try to embrace it. On the full moon, things brewing in your subconscious may burst out like a breaking dam. However, you will likely find out that others knew this was coming and you shouldn’t feel ashamed.

The spotlight will be on your health this month, and self-care will be your focus. This may contradict your evolving philosophy of life, however, try to see this as a message to give you direction – even if initially it feels like the more stressful choice. You will benefit in the long run.

By the middle of the month, you will be feeling more optimistic about a potential relationship. You will experience the overwhelming passion from another which somehow restores your faith and makes you feel complete. However, you may feel you cannot quite share this within your community, as fitting relationship “norms” has brought you pain in the past. But somehow you believe healing could be accomplished by opening yourself up to another person’s intense response to you.



born May 21 – June 20

Zodiac - Gemini
Zodiac – Gemini

Your personal and private evolution is going at full throttle. You want this; you need this, you are going to be reborn anew. And the world can see it, and you stand out. However, a potential love interest may be holding you back a little, and this can create a little tension. It could be that they can see you need to take your time to give birth to the new you – take time, so you don’t do yourself any damage.

The full moon sees you become a force to be reckoned with in your community. You communicate creatively right now, and this will also keep romance aflame. However, this also could create an internal tension that conflicts with your urge for change. But change you must. It has been a long time coming.

By mid-month you will become more impassioned about your health, as you know your entire world depends on you being in top shape. In fact, this becomes an intense obsession for you, which picks up your spirits positively. It could also be the cherry on top of the ultimate rebirth you are having with yourself.

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