born December 22 – January 19

Zodiac - Capricorn
Zodiac – Capricorn

You seem to have some kind of psychic insight into your group of friends, or even the greater community. This appears to travel on an ether of love for humanity. A love which of course you kept steady and ordered, quite instinctively. You can see that overflowing and chaotic love has served no fruitful purpose. It could be that Capricorn style love is the most gentle and effective of all. All of this appears to be borne of the fruits of your personal evolution.

Spending time meditating during November, or being alone, will clear your head to sort out any chaos that exists in your private world. If your home is a mess, you take time off to focus on bringing order to it. It could be that you find a new and improved way to run your home. New ideas that will create stronger and safer boundaries for you to relax and exist freely within them.



born January 20 – February 18

Zodiac - Aquarius
Zodiac – Aquarius

November sees Aquarius wanting to focus on their vocation, and career goals will pick up speed as the month increases. In addition to this, your place within your community is of great interest to you. Compassionate values guide your career decisions, and your faith sees you able to maintain healthy boundaries amongst friends.

Your personal evolution, which you sense most when you are able to catch time alone, is conducive to your goals in the public sphere. You are feeling driven to seek a higher faith of some description, which in turn infiltrates your activities outside the home. In turn, this enables others to see you as a compassionate and optimistic leader in your field.



February 19 – March 20

Zodiac - Pisces
Zodiac – Pisces

Your very appearance is that of a mystic channeler of mysterious secrets from other worlds. Wisdom comes in dreams of you, and as the month carries on you feel you are the bearer of good tidings to everyone who meets you. While career demands and authority figures will try to wear you down during November, you are feeling harmonious even in the darkest parts of your soul so that nothing can shake you.

Unexpected events may shake your morals. However, you embrace these changes with love. You have been feeling like rebelling and leaving your circle of friends, as they are holding back your growth. You feel strong faith that you could make the break soon.

You also may see your sex drive pick up speed towards the middle of the month. This could create an underlying tension amongst those friends you are moving on from. However, you know you have higher places to ascend to, and you will cast off the power struggle and do this.


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