born June 21 – July 22

Zodiac - Cancer
Zodiac – Cancer

November sees you realizing those creative out-of-the-box dreams. They are in your field of vision. Romantically you long for fun, which may contribute to a spike in your sex life. In fact, by mid-month, you will be feeling super confident in love.

The hard work you have been undertaking to get healthy is paying dividends. Better health is contributing to your motivation to beautify your private realm and make a balance of the chaos. Nevertheless, you feel this is conflicting with your work, and creating tension between you and your boss. It feels like you have only a choice between chaos at home or chaos at work.

But by mid-month, your work on your health will enable you to find some kind of harmony at work. Just be careful not to comfort-eat or drink as this may thwart your progress.



born July 23 – August 22

Zodiac - Leo
Zodiac – Leo

You start the month on a wave of vivid dark dreams that permeate your private realm. But these are not frightening, rather, they are enlightening. And despite feeling held back creatively and romantically, you can see how this is inadvertently enabling you to bring down new and unexpected knowledge into your understanding. What you have thought you want romantically has conflicted with the level of intimacy you crave. But you have the faith to work this one out.

Your private realm will become your place of comfort and source of harmony, especially as winter looms upon you. Indeed, this will benefit the evolving new and healthy you. You will be brimming with optimism as you make yourself cozy beside an open fire, sipping on hot cocoa.



born August 23 – September 22

Zodiac - Virgo
Zodiac – Virgo

Dreams of what you idealize about a relationship are at the forefront of your mind at the beginning of the month. However, you firmly know what you value, your boundaries are tight, and you are not about to let just anyone in. This could especially be the case as you have a gut instinct that the unexpected could jump out from underneath the metaphorical bed!

You are moving into a phase of deep thinking about what you want. Unsurprisingly, this is seeing you want to do a lot of deep thinking. Such deep thinking that gets your creative juices flowing! You feel you are a true sapiosexual at this time, and nothing fills you with more positivity and warmth than communicating with someone who is your intellectual equal. You know exactly what you want.

Nevertheless, still, there is a fear that you will lose yourself if you go for it. However, what is happening is that you are losing the “you” that was no use to you anymore. The new improved you will never be lost because it is who you truly were all along.