What do the constellations have in store for your sun sign this November?


Neptune stations during November, which is like experiencing a pause in a dream. Indeed, it could indicate recurring dreams which are sending you essential messages from deep within. But what does this mean to you? Check your sign below and see how your personal evolution will progress throughout November:



born March 21 – April 19

Zodiac - Aries
Zodiac – Aries

This month sees you feeling impulsive about a love interest. However, they may insist you move more slowly than a typical Aries prefers. This is because they are experiencing your fast come-on as a bit chaotic. And honestly, you have no problem admitting to this! Towards mid-month you long to go deeper, and this gives you optimism that enhances intimacy. You will know exactly what to say to your new significant other.

Surprisingly, it will be really “outside the box” and unlike you. However, this proves more successful at winning over their heart, compared to your superficiality at the beginning of the month. Things between the two of you could get surprisingly deep and intense.

A passionate dream world brings secrets to your consciousness. Consequently, your thinking turns to faith and philosophy. What you want feels intense, deep and even dark after about a week into November. This energy is ripe for channeling into your career. This will at first appear to be paradoxical, having career focus when you want to focus on a new love, but you have to exercise trust.

Your life’s philosophy is crystallizing as an integrated part of yourself. You are really cleaning up your act. However, subconscious tension and possibly contradictory dreams should be journaled, if at all possible. Ultimately by the end of the month, you will be able to communicate with faith and optimism, the new paradigm shift you have experienced.



born April 20 – May 20

Zodiac - Taurus
Zodiac – Taurus

You are hyper-conscious of what you are looking for in a relationship, and someone may even dance their way into your life! This could be someone from within your community already. It will feel almost like it is a dream – or is it a dream?

You tread carefully keeping up healthy boundaries. Indeed, this is worth your while. You feel unsettled deep inside but can’t put your finger on exactly why. But this subconscious chaos serves to ironically help you maintain uniformity in your intimate boundaries.

Your thoughts are deep and optimistic as the month moves forward. And your longing for a relationship gains momentum. Furthermore, your evolving faith is creating a consciousness of a type of intimacy that longs to recognize the higher power that merges two souls. By mid-month you may find the perfect opportunity to win the object of your desire. It will feel like heavenly symphonies!



born May 21 – June 20

Zodiac - Gemini
Zodiac – Gemini

You are passionately conscious about looking after yourself. This creates harmonious benefits for you in your career. Your desire to look after yourself, filling your own cup before filling the cups of others, is strong now. The evolution you have been experiencing in the darkest part of you will find finally find it’s passionate purpose.

Romantic interests can blossom with a mature outlook. Furthermore, an unexpected response from your community will be one that supports the ripeness and readiness for this union. Consequently, you begin thinking more about creating a long-term relationship.

The only area in which you feel tension about taking the plunge is how you could fuse your dreams for your future with those of another. How could it work? You ask yourself this. But you long to find a compromise. This urge for compromise will feel exceptionally strong when your sex drive picks later in the month, and you seek gratification. So keep a level head.


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