Lucky Zodiac Horoscopes – July 2017

Lucky Zodiac Horoscopes – July 2017

Lucky Zodiac Horoscopes - July 2017
Lucky Zodiac Horoscopes - July 2017

How will the zodiac energies for July apply to your sun-sign?


The beginning of July could feel like there is not much solid ground to stand on for everyone. The heat of the summer looks like things will sure get feisty! Let’s take a look at how the energies of the planets will express themselves to your sun-sign:



Zodiac – Aries


born March 21 – April 19

By the end of the first week of July, you will feel like speaking your mind. This could initiate a flare-up in interactions that you have with others. You have been going through an extended life phase where you are having some kind of revolution in how you exhibit yourself to the world, but when you speak your mind, your sentiments seem to get the better of your rationality.

Never fear, almost immediately after this emotional speech you give, your mind will become more in tune with your inner fire and how you want others to hear you truly. Additionally, your brain has more creative endeavors with which to distract you. Nevertheless, the emotional roots behind how you expressed yourself previously will bring an element of private clarity and a realization that others never even needed your explanations.

The full moon on the 9th will bring some first fruits for your career plans. Nevertheless, you will quickly feel reminded that you are still in the process of birthing many more stages of your ultimate career goals. Your inner fire will feel comfortably inflamed to carry you forward as the rest of the month carries on. By the end of the month your energy, thoughts and soul purpose will be back on a rational track.



Zodiac – Taurus


born April 20 – May 20

You may feel driven out of your comfort zone in many ways this month, which drives you into your private world. You could at times feel like the universe is conspiring against you, but this is your subconscious trying to bring about your natural evolution.

Dreaming your way to solutions could enable you to survive July, and in the privacy of your home, you can leak grand thoughts – as long as it happens behind the borders of the four walls. Your recent optimistic feelings towards helping others feel stifled by the sense that everyone has gone quite mad. But it is okay to look after yourself for a while instead.

Later in the month, your value system will feel like it is under scrutiny, and that your safe world could crumble under pressure. Never fear, however, as right at the end of the month your mind touches back into the real world, and your sensuality can be expressed in a more tangible way. Your motto for July is “this too shall pass.”



Zodiac – Gemini


born May 21 – June 20

Regardless of what life tosses at you, July sees you feeling good in your own skin. This is the good news! However, you may still have to watch your motor mouth, which might have seen you feel like you were in hot water last month. Try a communication method that does not involve other people directly. If you have an opinion, compose a letter or write a story. You can keep it or burn it, just don’t show it to anyone!

Your values feel like they are clashing with your creative endeavors, and your unpredictable nature could feel more volcanic. Still, this could cause the earth to open up and bring you a treasure you had long forgotten on the full moon on the 9th. But as was mentioned before, keep it to yourself and throw no pearls before the swine, even if you feel it is the right thing to do.

Towards the end of the month, your grand ideas and stories may find themselves truly shining in written form. The end of the month sees you being able to edit those thoughts, and give gentle, creative emotion to them to make them more palatable and in line with your real values.


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