Libra – Zodiac Weather Report 11th-17th February 2018

Libra astrological weather report for the coming week 11th-17th February 2018

Zodiac - Llibra - Weekly
Zodiac - Llibra - Weekly

Weekly Libra horoscopes for the 11th-17th February 2018 – with a difference! We tell you the planetary weather, and you decide how you will plan around it! Will you take an umbrella? Will you dance in the rain? Or will you fall in a puddle? Same weather, different outcomes!


This astrological weather report for the 11th-17th February 2018 is for people with predominantly Libra energies in their chart. For example, this could be if Libra is your sun sign, rising sign, or moon sign. The critical areas of life which will demand your focus this week are your home life, fun and romance, and practical matters.


Don’t get distracted by the unimportant

At the beginning of the week, you feel that you feel tied to obligations in the home, with your family. There are tangible, practical obligations that need tending to that make themselves known to you. However, it is essential not to get distracted too strongly in any pursuit that will not be relevant in the long term.

Again, as is your theme over the coming year, getting in touch with your value system will provide you with a font of optimism and eagerness to move forward despite any challenges.


 A font of creative ideas

Later in the week, the new moon infuses you with the seeds of many creative ideas. Your thoughts are buzzing, and almost overflowing. However, the theme this week is not to hoard any thoughts or ideas that could become superfluous, or weigh you down in the future.

While you feel like a font bursting forth, be precise in your selection. By Friday you should spend the day allowing these ideas to stew without taking action. This way, you can skim the unnecessary fat off the broth, when the time comes to bring your creative ideas to fruition.


Watch your health

By the weekend, the practical matters from the beginning of the week rear their head again. It could be that this is in connection with a health issue, whereby it would be prudent to indulge in some self-care, and reanalysis of your diet.

You feel tied to the home, and that you think a battle is raging in your mind. However, as is the crucial advice of 2018, apply your value system to everything you are doing and seek to achieve.