Legendary Wealth Down Through the Centuries

Legendary Wealth Down Through the Centuries

Legendary Wealth Down Through the Centuries
Legendary Wealth Down Through the Centuries

Wealth and Bill Gates have become synonymous for many in the current times

When we take a look down the annals of history, we stumble into a wealth of information! Potentially, there were many in the past that had thrice as much wealth as Gates.

Here is a list of the wealthiest legendary figures. They truly set the benchmark for wealth in the century they lived in:


11th century

William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror was the first Norman King of England. His worth was at an inflation-adjusted figure of $229.5 billion. He was born to Robert I who was the Duke of Normandy. Receiving a knighthood at a young age, William left behind a bloody trail in his ascent to the throne and beyond.

His claim to the throne began with the death of King Edward who did not name any heir to the throne. Harold Goodwin succeeded Edward much to William’s angst. The infamous Battle of Hastings on 14 October 1066 saw the end of the Saxon rule. This brought in the reign of William the Conqueror.


Alan Rufus

The second wealthiest person in the same era was Alan Rufus, the military commander in William’s army. William the Conqueror gifted 250,000 acres of land, estimated to be worth $178.65 billion, to Rufus.


12th century

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was possibly born in 1162 and coroneted in 1206. Gruesome massacres and slaughters always accompanied the conquests the Mongolian king made.

Born to a humble, homeless family, Genghis Khan’s story is a remarkable one of rags to riches. He amassed huge amounts of land and wealth, although the true estimates are not available.


13th century

Filippo di Amedeo de Peruzzi

Peruzzi belonged to a banking family. He made his billions in the family business of selling and lending money. He shot to fame in 1275 when he opened bank branches in Paris, London and Naples. His net worth was around $100 billion to $200 billion.

The family carved their wealth by their dealings in jewelry, silk, wool, and spices. Besides, they owned many hotels and ships all over Europe.

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