AC/DC captured a substance to music that had been absent before they arrived

Those who feel it, know it and consume it. In the late 1980’s somewhere in Midwest America, I had the excellent opportunity to see AC/DC live in concert. Until this day, I remember it as the best concert I ever attended. It was rock n roll in its most raw, honest passionately focused delivery. Not many bands can do it like AC/DC. From the beginning, they have consistently brought the true spirit of rock n roll to life through their honed and harvested unique sound.



The group has its roots from a family emigrated from Glasgow Scotland to Australia. The Young family was very enriched in music culture. From a sister who bought records for musical influence and a brother who began a band, Easybeats, the Young brothers found their inspiration while developing their passion for their instruments.

Brothers Angus and Malcolm started playing together, and lightning struck. During a time when music was a little bit softer, and blues was a considerable influence, rock n roll began to emerge. However, AC/DC defined pure rock and roll.



AC/DC defined pure rock and roll

Blessed with lyrics depicting real life, and composition that voraciously delivered a high charge, high decibel, and highly passionate sound, Malcom and Angus were stars on the rise. Although they knew it and envisioned it, their sense of connection to each other and family roots kept them grounded.

Malcolm Mitchell Young was the less visible talent in the group. Although, his focus and direction led them forward with distinct music compositions that genuinely reflected their art. No other band in the world has honed such a different sound that even adding deep tones to their music didn’t change the delivery. Bagpipes, recorders and church bells are a few of the added sounds serving to enhance the substance of their songs.



From the moment their first album was released, the reception by fans helped the band to sell millions and go platinum

Initially working the bar scene in Australia, AC/DC later went to England to conquer a new territory. At the time Punk was the entire rave, and AC/DC was forced to make a choice. Stay with the sound they feel and love or break away. Fortunately for them, AC/DC’s sound was distinct enough, and its lyrics flowed with the anti-establishment of Punk. England embraced the band, and rock and roll in England were never the same.

Next was the American circuit. The band hired a new producer, and they were off to a great start with Highway to Hell. Fame, fortune, and adventure quickly changed their lives. For Bon Scott, the lead singer that change was fatal.




Nevertheless, the Young brothers didn’t partake in the drug scene that accompanies most music bands and tours. They had their share of parties and women, but the excess wasn’t for them, notably Angus Young. Malcolm did dabble a bit too much with drinking, but he was smart enough to realize the direction it could take him. AC/DC wasn’t famous because they were after money. They enjoyed making music and the process of creating real rock and roll. Their work ethic and standards for their music kept them apart from a great deal of public interaction.

There is something extraordinary about brothers working together in a collective soul pursuit. Angus and Malcolm Young were a telepathic musical team and what they created together is distinct. Brilliant artists in their right, but together they were electric.


The origin of the name AC/DC is in fact from an electrical sewing machine

Malcolm Mitchell Young was born January 6, 1953, and died November 18, 2017. He leaves behind a wife, Linda, two children and grandchildren. Malcolm was a rhythm guitarist, and songwriter. A few years ago, Malcum was diagnosed with Dementia and was receiving the best care possible. His light goes out but not without much appreciation and love for what he contributed to the lives of his closest family members as well as the millions of fans who were touched by his purpose in the world.



Malcolm left many good recorded guitar riffs which Angus would like to compile for the continuation of AC/DC. He does not wish to stop making music. Although Angus had a bond with his brother, maybe even following Malcolm’s death he will feel the longtime presence of his older brother.

Regardless, our deepest condolences and best wishes to the Young family. Their loss is great, as is ours. Thank you, Malcolm Young, for all the fantastic music you gave us. I will never forget that concert, and now, it means even more that I was present to see, hear and feel the vibe, groove, and energy of Malcolm Young.

We all thank you.

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