Lead Singer Of Queen Freddie Mercury Kept Private Life A Secret Until The Day Before He Died

Queen front man, Freddie Mercury led a secret life | Image credit: Comunità Queeniana / flickr.com

Lead Singer Of Queen Freddie Mercury Kept Private Life A Secret Until The Day Before He Died
Lead Singer Of Queen Freddie Mercury Kept Private Life A Secret Until The Day Before He Died

Queen is a legendary band because of Freddie Mercury

The story behind the music group Queen is essentially the story of Freddie Mercury. The group rose to fame with him and ended at his death. Now the band is a legend with Freddie as the quintessential leader. He never gave up working even after his illness took hold over his body. Freddie remained dedicated until his dying breath. His voice, musical talent and composition led Queen to be one of the Classic Rock groups of all time. This is evident with the song Bohemian Rhapsody. It is unique in composition, execution and because of its length, the song stands as a single golden hit until today.



Farrokh Bulsara was born September 5, 1946, in Zanzibar. His parents, both Parsee had another child, Kashmira. They were a family dedicated to the Zoroastrian religion. Gaining the nickname, Freddie, he grew up with great interest in art and music. Much of his time was spent drawing pictures of guitars and rock artists like Jimmy Hendrix, whom he adored. After attending a private school in India, he learned how to play classical piano, and a star was born.


Family move to England

In 1964 the family moved to England, and he continued his education while looking for a musical outlet. Freddie’s leadership and ability to cultivate bands was concurrent throughout his young life. He joined one band, only to start up another. When he finally arrived with the members of Queen, their destiny took hold. By then Freddie had a clear idea of his abilities, dedication to hard work, a star persona and undeniable charisma.

With a graphic art degree in hand, Mr. Mercury designed Queen’s royal, elegant emblem. The insignia incorporates all band members astrological sun signs. It can be seen in the logo the influences of his Zoroastrian religion, his artistic talent and his dedication and love for Queen. Freddie applied his diligence to every art in which he put his hands.


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His talent is unmistakable and striking in every show and production

Unfortunately, his mixed up young life led him to believe his desires were wrong and his shame was evident. Freddie kept his private life hidden from his band mates, his family and never spoke of his escapades to anyone. Despite this, he would visit his family and spoil his sister. She recalls his generosity, kindness and how he would spoil her. Moreover, she confesses his pride in his Persian roots and his dedication to his family. She believes their religion instilled within her brother ideals of hard work, perseverance, and dedication to follow your dreams. In 1970 the group was official. Simultaneously, Freddie changed his last name to Mercury.


Queen was born in 1970

When Queen initially headed to the US for a tour, while in New York Freddie got a taste of the nightlife and wild expression for which his desires leaned. New York gave him the inconspicuous outlet he had needed to find his true expression. It is only now, after his life and death that his friends, family, and fans understand he contracted HIV and eventually died from the complications from AIDS. However, during the tour in New York, Freddie began to spread his wings and taste gay life.

Indulgence was his ecstasy. The singer took drugs and consorted with many men. At first, he was unsure of his appeal. He needed friends to help him find conquests.


Nevertheless, it didn’t take much time for the star to shine

After the American tour, there was a tour of Japan. Freddie fell in love with everything Japanese. He began collecting art and robes exhibiting Japanese designs. Even his gardens had a subtle Japanese flavor.



When Queen returned to England for studio work, Freddie began to compose Bohemian Rhapsody. Each member of the band had been given the democratic right to write at least one of their songs.  During his time off or any free time, he would travel to Germany to take a break with more cocaine and more men. He hosted parties and eventually burnt himself out. The band was still on the high road. Making music and hits never dropped.


Queen’s popularity kept growing

Freddie eventually settled with a male partner he had met in Germany. They moved into a beautiful villa in London. But he began to notice; he didn’t feel fit. Although Freddie pushed himself to work out of dedication and distraction, he wasn’t feeling well. After visiting the doctor, he was soon tested for HIV. Although he did so secretly, news of the blood test somehow leaked to the press. A statement was made, but the secret was still secure. It was only then that he revealed a slight concern for his health.

Freddie did experience a love affair with a woman named Mary Austin. They had lived together for seven years. Freddie professed that she was the love of his life, though he was gay. Mary had suspected this but remained dedicated to him despite his sexual preference.


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They were friends until his dying day

Freddie’s classic talent led him to perform in a ballet and sang with the opera. His vocal range was strong and distinct, as was his style. The group developed stadium rock as they performed. Every inch of their audiences was met with a fantastic performance. No part of the crowd was left ignored. This was something new in the world of rock tours and live concerts.

It was during the performance at Live Aid in 1985 that Freddie’s health was in such a state as to make him feel weak and unable to catch his breath after the show. Still, he kept up appearances for fear that anyone would find out his secret.


Shortly before his death, the lead singer told his band mates and closest friends he had Aids

November of 1991, Freddie died peacefully in his London home with the beautiful gardens he had walked beside and spent hours looking at just enjoying its fragrance and color. The family arranged a Zoroastrian eulogy and death service. Freddie’s mother and sister have dedicated some of his belongings towards a museum to keep his memory alive.


Rock and Roll hall of fame

He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001. Mr. Mercury is revered by his fans and many musicians. There are not many who can reach the same vocal range of four different octaves. Many back away from singing Queen songs because their voices are not as powerful. Freddie was unique in many ways.

Books continue to be written about him. Films are still being produced to tribute his life.

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Image credit: Comunità Queeniana / flickr.com