Lauren Hutton’s Vogue Cover Claims That Sexy is Ageless

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Lauren Hutton's Vogue Cover Claims That Sexy is Ageless
Lauren Hutton's Vogue Cover Claims That Sexy is Ageless

Some women have it, the rest of us don’t, but sexy Lauren Hutton clearly does as she has become a Vogue cover girl, yet again, at the age of 73 and 11 months

Lauren Hutton remains among the elite of beautiful women that inspire worship from men, and has proven that at the ripe old age of 73 and 11 months she still “has it.” The geriatric model looks nothing at all like the stereotypical geriatric. And it is these geriatric stereotypes that Vogue Italia seeks to bust in their October issue, which they have dedicated to women over 60.


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Hutton will appear on all three covers of Vogue Italia’s October “Timeless” issue. This will make it the fortieth time that she has graced their cover page. She began her modeling career over 50 years ago and even radicalized the industry. In 1973, Hutton demanded a contract for her work with Revlon, which paved the way for models no longer being paid by the hour.


Her appearance on the latest cover of Vogue continues her trailblazing within the modeling industry

Hutton states that this particular Vogue cover is “the most important” of her career. She additionally claims that it “has made me feel most useful. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but it took Vogue Italia’s courage to make it true. This is a cover that can change society because it shows a woman who is vibrant, attractive, who still laughs, and who for the first time is a woman my age.



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However, Vogue Germany did feature Tina Turner on their cover when she was ever so slightly younger than Hutton. Turner was 73 and four months when she graced the cover in 2013. Nevertheless, it was indeed Hutton that initially fought for older women to be represented in fashion magazines. At age 47, she noticed that women over 30 were absent from their pages. Legend has it that Hutton phoned every editor around the globe to make her point and demand change.




Hutton told the same thing to each editor: “You know, we’re at this nexus in history”

She then explained to them that they must represent older women in their pages. And these editors did indeed listen, and the times changed accordingly. However, these latest vogue covers see Hutton taking this a step further. Hutton will keep company within the pages of the October edition with other beautiful women who will be proving that there is no such thing as a sell-by-date on sexy.

Benedetta Barzini is 74, and she too will be featured in the “Timeless” edition. Just like Hutton, she still walks the catwalk, defying stereotypes. And also like Hutton, she has refused plastic surgery of any kind. Iman is also featured, who always looks stunning and is 62. Elon Musk’s beautiful 69-year-old mother Maye Musk is CoverGirl’s latest selection, and her story also graces the pages of the most recent Vogue Italia.




Radical artists Marina Abramovic and Lynda Benglis both deservedly feature in the magazine. Abramovic is now 70, and Benglis is 75. The most exciting addition, however, will be 89-year old Baddiewinkle. Baddiewinkle took Instagram by storm and has since accumulated around 3 million followers. She is natural and outrageous, and proof that women exude sexiness and vivacity for our entire lives.

Hutton honestly has had a phenomenal career. Her statement as Vogue cover girl at age 73 is that her career is a long way from over. She has worked tirelessly as a model and actress for over five decades now. Clearly, we will see her frequently in the decades to come.


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