What Do You Know About The Hindu-German Conspiracy?

What is the Indian German Scheme | Image credit: flickr.com

Did You Know About The Hindu-German Conspiracy
Did You Know About The Hindu-German Conspiracy

Indian revolutionaries funded by Germany and others in 1917

Indian revolutionaries in 1917, were indicted by a Federal Grand Jury. In San Francisco, California a charge to form a military enterprise in conjunction with Germany against Great Britain, convictions should have been severe.



Nevertheless, the U.S. Department of Justice alleges, based on high public support, deportation of the Indians did not take place. Germans just hid in the background. After World War II, war criminals escorted to U.S. soil continued their research and activities.

There are several different accounts of the events that took place outside and inside the courtroom. Imperatively, these events only serve to prove without a doubt the interference of other nations over the United States.




Department of Justice

Do you see public support affecting the Department of Justice or any other governmental department today?

The rise of patriotism has brought about a zealousness that only hurts the American public. Nationalism serves a purpose, but is that purpose hurting or helping the United States and Its citizens?

Meanwhile, the joint effort of this militaristic action brought together Indian and German scientists who created weapons of destruction and instigated a war on foreign soil. The outcome of this trial stands as a witness to one of many secret service sabotage operations towards the American people. Use of these weapons continues today. Also, their invention has served as a starting point for more weapons used to annihilate.


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