The Jlo-down on Drake Rodriguez Love Triangle

The Jlo-down on Drake Rodriguez Love Triangle
The Jlo-down on Drake Rodriguez Love Triangle

Cougar Jennifer Lopez is at it again sparking rumors of a love triangle between herself, Drake and Alex Rodriguez

She just can’t seem to get enough of those younger men! Drake is just 30, 17 years her junior. Rodriguez is 6 years younger than her, at 41.


Confusing Clues, Hints, and Rumors

Over the past several months the 47-year-old has left a trail of confusing clues about her love life. For many months it looked like she was hotting it up with Drake. And now it appears she is pursuing a love affair with retired baseball player Rodriguez.



So what’s the low down Jlo? Did you break Drake’s heart? He even went to the trouble of spending $100,000 on you. Lopez was recently spotted sporting a Tiffany Victoria necklace that Drake had given her as a gift.

By the end of 2016, Drake and Lopez both shared the same selfies to Instagram. The picture showed the pair getting all warm and snuggly, last December. There were rumors of a musical collaboration, but these images suggested something more.


Rodriguez and Lopez Cozy Bahamas Getaway

And now Lopez is taking vacations in the Bahamas and enjoying intimate dinners with Rodriguez. There are rumors that mutual friends set them up. However, it was not long ago that Lopez enjoyed a lip-lock on a dance-floor with Drake.


The Jlo-down on Drake Rodriguez Love Triangle
The Jlo-down on Drake Rodriguez Love Triangle


What is going on?

During the time rumors and clues abounded about her and Drake, she was also collaborating with him on his new album. However, she isn’t credited any longer.

On March 18, Drake released his new album “More Life“. “Free Smoke“, the opening track contained telling lyrics: “I drunk text Jlo, old number, so it bounce back“.

There was much speculation about the trail of clues that Drake and Lopez were leaving. Were they making it look like they were in love as a publicity stunt? Or do those lyrics suggest she broke Drake’s heart?


Lopez Denies Drake Love Affair

It was just 2 weeks before the release of Drake’s new album that Lopez denied the two were an item. Appearing on Trevor Noah’s Daily Show, she made it very clear during the interview that they were not together.



Even Lopez’s ex-boyfriend Casper Smart has suggested confirmative hints. He dropped clues that she and Rodriguez are making things official. He stated in an interview that he wishes them well, and that he would always love her.

The most recent confirmation, that Rodriguez and Lopez are super serious, came from his sister. She posted selfies with herself and Lopez to Instagram after a girls day out. The caption on the pictures were very telling. In Spanish she put the hashtag #miscunis, which means sister-in-law.

But despite all of this sizzling action between Rodriguez and Lopez, the couple stress it is early days yet. And no wonder, as Lopez’s romantic history has been wrought with heartbreak.



The Jlo-down on Drake Rodriguez Love Triangle
The Jlo-down on Drake Rodriguez Love Triangle

Lopez Unlucky Love Life

When Marc Anthony divorced Lopez in 2014, she was utterly devastated. Together they had a twins, a boy and a girl. Lopez never imagined that their family would break up. She always imagined they would stay as a family unit forever.

However, 7 years into the marriage they separated. She then took up with Smart, who is now 29. Anthony has since gone on to have a relationship with 21-year-old Mariana Downing.

Before Anthony, Lopez had 2 other failed marriages, and a broken engagement to Ben Affleck. They called off the marriage ceremony only a day before it was due to take place.



Taking Things Slowly

Lopez clearly is being reluctant to dive in deep with any man that courts her attention. We don’t know just how serious she was with Drake, but the clues seem to show that he was head over heels.

Drake has notoriety for being a player with the ladies. So if he is heartbroken, maybe it won’t last too long.

Meanwhile, it appears that Rodriguez is trying to make a relationship happen with Lopez. But both have exceedingly busy schedules. So just how much time they have to work on a relationship is unknown.