After a mysterious disappearance, Mandalay Bay Security guard Jesus Campos resurfaces on the Ellen Show leaving people with even more questions than before


Jesus Campos mysteriously disappeared following revelations that the alleged Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had shot him in the leg after Campos had discovered his activities. However, almost out of the blue, Campos has reappeared for the public making a statement on October 18, on of all places, The Ellen Show.

Five days prior, Campos had disappeared seemingly without a trace after failing to turn up to interviews with several mainstream news outlets. As soon as he disappeared, a security guard stood on permanent watch outside his empty home. Consequently, public speculation of his whereabouts abounded. Additionally, pictures of Campos posted on various news websites showed images of men who were all clearly different people. Some even wondered if Campos really existed.



Most people find it very strange that Campos would choose to make his first public appearance on a casual talk show with an entertainer and actress, rather than with a trained journalist.

Immediately this choice drew suspicion from the public. This is especially suspicious considering that MGM Resorts is one of the biggest sponsors of The Ellen Shows. Ellen promotes the owners of Mandalay Bay quite regularly and even has a personalized Ellen Show promotional slot machine placed in several of MGM’s casinos.

In fact, about a week before the Las Vegas massacre, Degeneres had featured her new slot machines on her program. She had traveled to Las Vegas to surprise a random lucky punter using her machine. That lucky punter happened to be a Las Vegas nurse called Zully Hernandez. Consequently, only a few days after the massacre, on October 3, Degeneres invited Hernandez onto the show to discuss her impressions of the mass shootings. Degeneres appeared to be doing damage control for her sponsors.




During the Campos interview, Degeneres perpetually prompts Campos with a narrative for him to agree to or elaborate upon.

Never once do you see if there is a live audience. One of the staple features of Ellen’s shows is usually constant shots of the audience responding. Campos and the alleged engineer, Stephen Schuck who joined him on that fateful night, both appeared nervous as Ellen plied them with questions. They glance continually to where the audience is likely not, possibly being monitored by handlers.

What followed in what can only loosely be called an “interview” was rife with contradictions and anomalies. What is notable is what crucial information is missing. Campos and Schuck never discuss the timeline of events nor mention Stephen Paddock’s name. Campos begins by describing what was the alleged catalyst that landed him in the line of fire.


He described how he received a notification from his supervisors to check on a detected “open door”

His instructions were to go to secure it. In order to do so, Campos ascended the stairwell to the 32nd floor. However, he was unable to even open the door. It appeared that someone had bolted shut. He then descended to the floor below and decided to try to get to the 32nd floor from the other side.

Campos went to the stairwell door from the other side and claimed that it was being held firmly shut by a “metal bracket.”  Consequently, he called the maintenance department to have them send an engineer to fix the problem. Already, he claims, his suspicion at such an odd occurrence piqued his curiosity. However, this does not make sense to the listener, as why a door that is bolted shut would show up on a security system as being open?





What Campos claims he heard next is one of the first significant contradictions within his story.

He alleges that he heard what he assumed was drilling noises. Ellen prompts him by suggesting that Campos was mistaking the sound of gunshots for the sound of a drill. Campos agrees with her. He then apparently chose to leave the stairwell, accidentally letting the outer door slam a little.

It was this door slam that Campos claims must have alerted the gunman to his presence in the hall. Campos then claims that he was met with a rain of rapidly fired bullets. Ellen prompted Campos that those bullets were being shot through the closed hotel door. He concurred. Campos then claims he ran for cover in a door cubby of another hotel room.


While in the cubby, Campos alleges that he lifted his pant leg and saw blood flowing.

Immediately, he claims, he called security again and alerted them that shots were being fired. In the supposed recordings of the call, Campos apparently failed to mention that he had been shot. Many had interpreted this failure as an anomaly in the story.


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