Jasmin Shojai’s Rapid Journey to Model of the Year


In only two short years, sultry Jasmin Shojai has shot from being a relative nobody to being the hottest next up and coming international model


Jasmin Shojai recently won the coveted title Australia’s Top Glamour Model of the Year for 2017. Remarkably, this was after a swift two-year rise to success within an incredibly competitive industry. The 23-year-old Australian model, of both German and Persian descent, looks hotter than a Kardashian and the media has compared her to Scarlett Johansson.

It wasn’t just the landslide of international voting in favor of sexy Shojai that convinced the judges to crown her with the prestigious title. In order to win the annual competition, Shojai needed to come first in two categories. Ultimately, the judges were mesmerized by her beauty, talent, and professionalism, and her win was inevitable.

Additionally, the competition had been fierce. Her fellow contestants all had long-term professional experience under their belts. Comparatively, Shojai was a new face and entirely unknown. Nevertheless, Shojai has what it takes. Her determination, talent, and overwhelming sensuality enabled her to stand out, and win.




Hotter than a Kardashian

Shojai cites influences such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. What is clear is that she will soon be mingling in the same circles with them. She definitely has the charisma and magnetism to draw herself to higher success in a remarkably short amount of time. Since winning the title, mainstream media has been rushing to feature Shojai in their pages, as they clearly can tell, that her brand of sexy sells on a grand scale.

From her first nervous lingerie modeling job in 2015, Shojai has now been featured in Playboy, Maxim, FHM, just to name but a few. Maxim magazine also made her a finalist in their Australian Swimwear Model of the Year Search. Obviously, Shojai has experienced a monumental career leap in a dramatically small amount of time.

Recently, stylist to the stars, Miss Athena chose Shojai to model exclusive items from her highly popular website Miss Athena’s Closet. Not only that, Miss Athena has named a dress after Shojai, which she has called the Jasmin Fur Dress. Shojai modeled the dress, as well as several others, harborside in Australia’s capital, Sydney.


Shojai takes her work as a model very seriously

Her meteoric success has evolved from her passionate focus on her goal to become an internationally renowned supermodel and actress. She explains how she will spend 10-30 minutes daily putting herself in what she calls the “modeling zone.” Religiously she monitors the modeling industry and is an avid fan of TV shows such as Australia’s Next Top Model and Victoria’s Secret Runway.


Jasmin Shojai's Rapid Journey to Model of the Year
Jasmin Shojai’s Rapid Journey to Model of the Year


Seductive Shojai sees herself living a life of fame and fortune before the decade is out. And clearly, she is well on her way to achieving this goal that so many others struggle to attain. Already her YouTube channel has attracted over 25,000 views from fans eager to experience what she has to offer.

She fills her Instagram account with evidence of her naturally alluring charm, and in an incredibly brief amount of time, she has attracted to it almost 9,000 fans. Yet, when she speaks to her fans on her Facebook page, she is the adorable girl next door.


The essence of refinement, Shojai exudes sensuality and wears luxury like a second skin

It is no wonder that this is what is drawing the attention of her growing fan base, the international media, and elite fashion houses. Furthermore, her ability to rise rapidly to success comes down to her natural balance of optimism and serious determination. She is not one to take shortcuts, but she does instinctively know the most optimal route to take to success. The world is about to fall deeply and passionately in love with Jasmin Shojai.

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