May introduces a radical new era of major change as Uranus dips its toes into the waters of Taurus, a prelude to its upcoming long-term transit through this zodiac sign.


Taurus energy will be running high on the 15th of May, as it is also a new moon in this constellation. With Mercury also newly entered into Taurus, the birth of the new Uranian era will begin with a stellium that contains explicit messages about how your long-term future will unfold.

Will you be listening?

Also, just a few days later, Jupiter and Neptune will make a trine in the celestial sphere in the water signs of Scorpio and Pisces, respectively. The month of May will be the beginning of a period of global grounding, whereby rather than being distracted by Aries superficial quick-fix themes, we will start to dig deep, finding underground springs within our souls, and ultimately a revolution that will only be of benefit to planet earth.

Are you on the side of the earth?

The key is to spend May tuning into the planet and intuiting its needs. Only those who choose not to rely solely on shallow materialism will likely get through the upcoming Uranus phase unscathed. Listen carefully during this sensitive beginning, as this May will provide you with an essential opportunity to get in tune with how the next several years will unfold.

How will the upcoming universal energy shift effect you? Check below using your sun sign, ascendant sign, or moon sign:



born March 21 – April 19

Zodiac - Aries
Zodiac – Aries

Aries gets ready for the universal Uranian shift by experiencing a final almighty energetic push which gives birth to the authentic identity that you have been forging for the past several years. Your drive to realize your dreams, career goals and public life became serious and focused, which catalyzes the final shedding of your outgrown skin.

By the middle of May, you find yourself in new territory. Moments before Uranus enters Taurus, your instincts align with your intuition, giving you an internal direction in regards to your material resources, authentic values, and your interactions with physical earth.

Mercury then passes into Taurus, and you may receive a distinct message of how your material world will evolve throughout the next several years. Expect the unexpected, and embrace a  revolution in your self-worth, and the environment you exist within. Your friends and community will offer you an incredible drive to move forward into this new territory.

As soon as what feels like the very ground you are standing upon shifts, you may find yourself experiencing the butterflies and trepidation that comes with any new beginning. When we fulfill our dreams, it means we have moved up a level and must take on considerably more weight of responsibility.


It is no surprise that this may initially make you nervous.

However, any time spent in solitude will help to open a flow of expanded understanding that brings a harmonious spiritual uplift. Listen out for the still small voice towards the end of the month, take the opportunity to heed its advice.

Right at the end of the month, the full moon will create a reflection for you of all the words you have been saying, the information you have been learning and how your intuition guides your communication. This reflection will appear in how your instincts are willing to integrate the new information you have received, and you will be made aware of the expanse of your consciousness and the borders of any cognitive dissonance you are not admitting to.



born April 20 – May 20

Zodiac - Taurus
Zodiac – Taurus

The middle of May for Taurus may feel as though you have been rudely awakened and told to exit your cocoon. Being fixed in your ways, there is much energy to boot you out of your cave. Mars in Capricorn gives you no other choice, and it is almost as though it pushes you in the middle of the back to jump out of the proverbial bed and stand on the land of your true being. Mercury and the Moon conjoin Uranus and confirm with reason and instinct that your time in the land of dreams is complete. Then go ahead, map the territory and check for safety.

At the new moon, you will be introspective, as your intuition and instincts merge. This appears to be the impetus that helps you to feel as though you have woken up to a brand new day. But you don’t know what to expect. Everything will be changing; you feel headed for a true revolution of self.

A few days later, Venus sends a nurturing message of opportunity, and it could be that you can talk through much of this brand new awakening. Write these messages down, as the opportunity will lie with you utilizing them later if things get rough. Messages of opportunity will also come to you from friends and a significant other. You feel loved, even though the future looks unclear.

By the full moon at the end of the month, your intuition about your true authentic values, and those things in this world that you own will be reflected in your any fears that your instincts manifest. At this time you may stocktake all that you own, and reevaluate that which serves you, discarding what does not.



born May 21 – June 20

Zodiac - Gemini
Zodiac – Gemini

At the beginning of May, you may find that you and your friends may enter conversations about upcoming ominous changes that you sense in the air. Changes to the earth and the tangible realm. For cerebral-based Gemini, this may seem a little disconcerting at first, as materialism is usually the last thing to cross your mind.

By mid-month, friendships may suddenly change, and your position in your community at large may be communicated to you as being different to what you had thought. Your instincts are to move forward.


It is time for a change, but how?

The new moon just before Uranus crosses into Taurus creates a fusion of your intuition and instinctive nature that may see you rushing to batten down the hatches and seek out a cave in which to hibernate.

When Uranus enters Taurus only hours later, it could be that you discover that in the silence of solitude, you can more clearly analyze your bases. You may suddenly feel cocooned – trapped. However, what is a cocoon? Gemini, you are going to experience a revolution deep within your subconscious. When you emerge in several years, you will be bigger, brighter and a more beautiful butterfly than ever before!

Gemini, if being cocooned for a long period is disconcerting, then you need to remember where your optimism lies. Now is a time to put everything in order, like a mother preparing to give birth. Caring for your health is paramount. Dreaming of where you ultimately want to be in life, will guide you to set up a practical plan of how to get there. Now is a period to save your nuts for the winter, and prepare the groundwork for the grand entrance you will make in the future.

By the full moon at the end of May, you will find that your intuition about yourself will become reflected in your instincts about a significant other. The state of the relationship will provide you with understanding about where you stand, and if you feel permitted to move forward. Do you see codependency? Rejection? Team-work? Whatever you see is a reflection of the boundaries you set for them, despite it being the other way around.



born June 21 – July 22

Zodiac - Cancer
Zodiac – Cancer

Your dreams about your life goals likely went under radical upheaval and changed over the past several years, and during May, it feels as though it is crunch time. Ultimately, the next step will be that your community may alter, or your circle of friends may change unexpectedly. However, you may find that you will spend the next several years shedding skin of friends that were not healthy for you and were merely sources of chaos.

Your gut instincts will scan the area that all the changes will occur in, and tentatively you may have to take on the chin these friendship alterations that, at first, may rattle your feelings of security. However, you need friends that will keep you grounded and steady. Rocks of Gibralter that can withstand the rollercoaster of empathetic emotional energy that swirls through the veins of a Cancerian.

Anyone who does not fit that description will likely disappear throughout the coming years. Only your authentic friends will remain. The new moon mid-month will also give you an inkling, a merging of your instincts and intuition, about who these particular people might be.


Your intuitions will be made more acute by Jupiter’s upcoming trine to Neptune.

Ultimately, when you express yourself in creative ways, keeping the focus on a higher purpose will buoy you, despite how other friends may interpret you. Remember there is an outside to the box, and then a further outside to the next box, and so on and so forth. Keep shining your authentic light, and this will give genuine friends the opportunity to connect with you, throughout the coming years.

The full moon at the end of the month will highlight for you much of your innermost workings. Any blind-spots or obstacles holding you back will reflect in your state of health, the state of your day job, and the general functioning of your day to day mundane life. A few days before the full moon, you may have felt gripped by fear. What was it? This will give you a clue to an obstacle in your blind-spot that you need to remove.


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