What do the constellations have in store for you this March?


March begins with a Full Moon which brings to fruition a spiritual goal that was the result of practical hard work. However, as the month progresses, the desire to launch forward with plans will be met with what might feel like a few brick walls!

By the time of the New Moon mid-month, many will be dreaming of the winter to end, and plans for spring will start to take shape in everyone’s minds. Everyone can’t wait to get out of winter fast enough! Places to go and people to see!

So, how will these energies affect you personally? Check below for your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign.



born March 21 – April 19

Zodiac - Aries
Zodiac – Aries

At the beginning of March, Aries is feeling quite introverted, as you juggle some of your deepest fears. Alone, you can think and feel freer. You feel convinced that if you can slay your inner dragon, you will be able to discover the key that will open the door to a positive future for yourself.  Fortunately, if you embrace the practical energy of the full moon, you could see success in the pursuits you have been dealing with in private.

During the second week of March, you are ready to burst off the starting line! You feel great, and your thinking is in line with everything you stand for. Or so you think – as no sooner do you get started, a few days later you feel like a wall shoots up in front of you, trying to prevent your progress.


Consequently, it will be very tempting for you to put up a fight!


Nevertheless, it is essential to make peace with what is holding you back, as much as that goes against your instinct to dash from point A to point B. Ultimately, it is better you exercise patience than to trip up on hidden obstacles that lurk on the journey to where you want to go.


Despite your frustration, the new moon mid-month may see you resorting to solitude once again.


Try not to see this as a depressing thing to resort to, as in this space you have a valuable opportunity to dream up a new plan or idea that you haven’t had before. Ultimately, try to allow the restraints you are experiencing to sharpen your powerful energy to an even higher laser-like strength.




born April 20 – May 20

Zodiac - Taurus
Zodiac – Taurus

The full moon at the beginning of the month sees Taurus bringing into reality a creative venture that can potentially be of benefit to your community at large. You feel supported by loved ones and friends, and also enjoy socializing. There may even be some positive and tender moments with a significant other where you find that your communication together increases your intimacy dramatically.


By the start of the second week of March, you notice the sudden energy shift whereby everything starts to rush in fast forward.


You wish to push on the breaks to get your head together, and consequently, seek out some alone time. Preferably, you would want to continue to proceed with your life at a slow and steady pace.

This aggressive energy is unnerving, especially as you feel that so far you have been making good ground with continuously expanding your boundaries, albeit in a patient and gradual way. Nevertheless, despite this, you do sense a supportive connection to your friends, and your significant other.

The new moon mid-month could see you capitalizing on the support of your friends and community. Together, a collective dream could begin to come together, and together you feel that it could be the start of a great opportunity. And while much of the universal vibe remains too aggressive for your liking, you do start to sense that a sober and serious type of energy has become available for you to begin realizing plans in a more safe and restrained manner.




born May 21 – June 20

Zodiac - Gemini
Zodiac – Gemini

The full moon right at the beginning of March could mean that Gemini feels like you have achieved a practical balance at home that stabilizes the creative flow of your life goals. Indeed, this has been no mean feat! Especially as your desire to obtain this balance has taken a long time to develop. It still feels like spinning plates, but you believe that you are honing the technique!


A week later, you sense a significant vibe shift that sees you thrust into activities connected to your community, and your wider circle of friends.


While you enjoy this connection, which up till now you have felt to be a little too absent, you still sense some nagging fears holding you back, in the background. Those fears, however, actually mask some of your virtues and values that can enhance the outcome of your ultimate goals in life.

Nevertheless, change is afoot, and the intense persuasive energy of a significant other propels you forward, despite any unpredictable events. By the new moon mid-month, you feel as though the path to where you want to take your life is more clarified, ironically by the fact that you can see how you can incorporate the chameleon nature of your personality. It’s scary, but all progress and change are!




born June 21 – July 22

Zodiac - Cancer
Zodiac – Cancer

The full moon at the start of the month sees Cancer cause a practical idea to evolve into something beyond what they had previously imagined. Your creative juices are flowing for the first week of the month, and you feel really in tune with a higher power. Even your dreams seem infused with a spiritual element that enhances your expanding philosophy of life. It might be that you spend this first week of March immersed in another culture, that fills you with inspiration.


A week later, you may feel that the pressure picks up at work, and you are called on to become assertive about your life goals.


Obviously, this makes you nervous, and you also worry if this could create conflict with a significant other. Additionally, you might feel the pressure to act fast in regards to practical life matters that you think you have been neglecting. This neglect may be due to the unpredictability involved in your career right now.

It could be critical to try to clock into whatever you interpret as a higher power or higher philosophy. Also, ask your significant other to act as a soundboard to keep you sane. Ultimately, you do have the creative potential to figure out ways to get you through this stressful period.

By the time of the new moon in the middle of the month, you may feel a deep connection and sense a ray of hope, having connected with that higher power or higher philosophy. Indeed, you do see the light at the end of the tunnel. For the rest of the month, your significant other becomes a strong driving force to keep you moving forward, keeping you level-headed against the external egos you perceive are trying to trip up as you pursue your life goals.


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