OMG! Indian Husband Murdered Wife When Dinner Was Late

Indian Husband Murdered Wife When Dinner was Late
Indian Husband Murdered Wife When Dinner was Late

A 60-year-old Indian man murdered his wife in cold blood simply because she was late serving him dinner.


A 60-year-old Indian man, Ashok Kumar, fatally shot his 55-year-old wife Suaina after she failed to serve his dinner at the precise moment that he demanded it. Kumar had returned home drunk on Saturday night, the 8th of July.

Suaina confronted him about his ongoing alcoholism, and he refused to engage in an argument about it. Instead, Kumar demanded that she serve him food. When she decided to continue the argument about his drinking, he retaliated by murdering her in cold blood.

Devastatingly, Suaina had died from her gunshot wound to the head before she reached the hospital. Police quickly arrested Kumar who confessed to his crime and expressed regret. Inevitably, according to the Indian Penal Code and The Evidence Act, the courts will decide to imprison Kumar. Nevertheless, despite this, domestic violence in India is a crime which the authorities and general population mostly ignore, and even approve of, within the nation’s dominant cultures.


India’s shocking tolerance of violence against women

Shockingly, in 2015, authorities received reports of domestic violence instances every 4 minutes. In fact, throughout the past decade, the most highly reported crime against women relates to domestic violence incidents. And appallingly, many members of the Indian population don’t understand why they should even consider it a crime.

In a survey conducted by the Indian government around a decade ago, frightening attitudes towards domestic violence came to light. Over 54% of men supported the use of domestic violence against women, and most horrifyingly, almost the same amount of women also believed violence towards women was reasonable. In fact, 51% of women approved of violence against themselves for reasons such as disrespect to her in-laws, neglecting the home and children, and even using too much or too little salt in a dish.

Experts don’t know how much domestic violence women have inflicted upon the male population. Generally, it is too humiliating for men to admit to. Additionally, authorities laugh at any man who reports such an incident. However, attitudes to domestic violence towards women are slowly changing.

In more educated and developed areas of India, reporting on intimate partner violence are more likely, and people are starting to frown upon it. Nevertheless, in many poor areas, most people still see violence against women as acceptable.


Traditionally arranged marriages

In a country of arranged marriages, a relationship between a man and a woman always involves the extended family unit. The violence of women against their husbands is often clouded by her use of her male relatives to inflict abuse and beatings upon him, to maintain control over the relationship, and also extort money and other benefits.

However, Indian culture has viewed violence against women as a traditional custom. Sadly, it is perpetrated in many marriages and accepted by wives as their inevitable lot in life. A prime example is the practice of Sati. In other words, traditionally a woman is the property of her husband in India, and upon his death, her life also ceases when she is placed upon his funeral pyre to also burn to death.