Are Humans Under Attack from Artificial Intelligence?

Are Humans Under Attack from Artificial Intelligence?

Humans Under Attack
Humans Under Attack

The Ethics, the Risks, and the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Are humans really under attack from advancements in artificial intelligence technology? Should we be alarmed by artificial intelligence risks we are told about? Are there artificial intelligence benefits to society?

Artificial intelligence has made great strides over the past decade. Considered to be superhuman robots, that have high levels of cognitive thinking, better-than-human social skills, with programmed algorithms that seem to give them a moral compass.


The ethics surrounding these machines is one of controversy

Some scientists believe that the reasoning ability of these robots lies within the moral compass of the programmer. Others have the view that the machine has its own reasoning and moral values that are on a much higher plane than that of the normal human brain.

In the past, artificial intelligence was initially introduced as a means to let robots or machines work and create that which, previously, humans had only been able to do.

Humans Under Attack - artificial intelligence
Humans Under Attack – artificial intelligence

This brings us to what types of ethical rights should humans give to the artificial intelligence that they create?

Do they need to cater to them with emotional support? Should they be given monetary earnings as a result of the work they perform? Should humans believe that they can socialize amongst themselves, or decide where they are employed, or if they should exist at all?

These social and ethical dilemmas are real in the face of our world and society today. Most of all because of the advancements in the features and creation of artificial intelligence.



Humans Under Attack - The Risks
Humans Under Attack – The Risks

The Risks to humans: Will we be under Attack?

The ability to create artificial intelligence comes down to researching our own human abilities and emotions and establishing them into robots. The risks are diverse depending on who is answering the questions.

Some feel that by implementing human cognitive abilities and emotions into machines will make super humans. But how the machine will deal with pain or stress is the question. Will it simply shut down and not deal? Or would it lash out to rid itself of the pain, even if it is the human who created it?

Others believe that machines or robots do not have the feature of actual human emotions. They believe there is no need to worry that they will overtake or harm humans.


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