Horrifying Las Vegas Massacre Raises More Questions Than Answers

Many questions but few answers following Monday's massacre at a Las Vegas Music Festival | Image collage credit: freegreatpicture.com

Horrifying Las Vegas Massacre Raises More Questions Than Answers
Horrifying Las Vegas Massacre Raises More Questions Than Answers

Horror transpired at a music festival in Las Vegas when shots fired out from the Mandalay Hotel, that led to the massacre of 59 people, also injuring over 500



During an approximately 10-minute period, shots fired onto the thick crowd listening to live country music on Monday night, October 2, leading to the worst mass shooting massacre that modern America has ever seen. Pandemonium ensued amongst the 22,000 people crammed into the stage area. However, the motives behind the mass killing remain completely unanswered.



Victims describe how the experience felt like World War 3. According to one audience member, Robyn Webb the gunfire “just kept coming. It was relentless.”  Indeed, footage from attendees shows people rushing for cover, confused, and the sounds of rapid fire.

It would appear as though the gunman would pause, the crowds would assume they have time to run or tend to the wounded, and he would start up shooting again. The scenes so horrifyingly surreal to those involved, and also those witnessing via media.


Inevitably, baseless assumptions started to roll out on social media, and through the news networks

Instant speculation as to the motives of the culprit, despite no evidence being available. There were the conservative “armchair experts” assuming it was Islamic fundamentalists and others claiming it was Antifa. More similar in their arguments than they realize were the liberals assuming that it was a crime of the stereotypical white man.

Debates based only on speculation ensued, individuals then taking the horrific events as a callous opportunity to push their respective political agendas. Are any of them on the right track? Does it matter? All are arguing for the sake of feeling like they are superior in their respective “correctness.”



Eventually, news broke about who was the culprit behind the massacre

The authorities revealed it was an individual whom no one can quite understand what would possess him to commit such a heinous crime. His demographic did not fit any stereotype that usually commits such atrocities. He was a 64-year-old millionaire, who had managed to amass an arsenal of almost 50 guns, and also explosives. And obviously, the immediate public discussion turned to US gun laws.

The US public now wants to know how to keep themselves safe. Nations with similar lax gun ownership laws never see mass shootings on the scale that the US does. This problem seems to be something more than guns. It appears to be indeed unique to US culture. However, what that could be appears to be always poorly explored, the reasoning always shallow and naively generalized.


Nevertheless, there is no such thing on Earth as guaranteed safety

Humans attempt to create little pockets of safe havens from the inevitable unpredictability of life. However, the reality has always been, since the dawn of time, that life is wrought with dangers and difficulties. Finding reasons is moot. Why does anyone justify taking the lives of others? Humanity has never solved this in order to create prevention on a guaranteed level. What we take from this latest horrific event is a humility that we all truly know nothing.


Infographic: Mass Shootings in America | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista


Safety is something we create. We construct boundaries, assess risks involved in crossing those boundaries. Laws and punishments are drawn up in an attempt to ward off whatever dangerous motives that potentially lurk within the human condition. However, all these things are fallible. Humankind is diverse, billions of perspectives, billions of unique neural networks.

And all in all, the universe is way beyond anything any human mind can comprehend. Our own minds are beyond our comprehension. Why this man decided to commit this unthinkable crime against hundreds of people may never be known – and even if it was, would it be enough to prevent such a thing from happening again?


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mage collage credit: freegreatpicture.com


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