Home School Payoff for 10-Year-Old Chinese Prodigy

10-Year-Old Chinese girl enters college

Home School Payoff for 10-Year-Old Chinese Prodigy
Home School Payoff for 10-Year-Old Chinese Prodigy

Chinese Prodigy at 10-Years-old

Zhang Yiwen is a 10-year-old girl from China’s Henan province. With the help of her supportive parents, Zhang has registered as a freshman at the Shanggiu Institute of Technology to study electronic engineering. She took college entrance exams at the age of 9. However, her parents felt she could do better. After waiting until her tenth birthday, she took a new set of exams. This time her score was much higher.

Most children in China are required to complete a full nine years of education in primary, middle school and high school before being allowed to take any college exams. In Zhang Yiwen’s case, she was diligently home schooled by her parents.


She never attended a day of public school

It takes a great deal of dedication, patience, and determination to home school. Both parent and child must be in cooperation to keep to the schedules and diligent study habits.

Officially homeschooling in China is considered illegal. But is not frowned upon, rather considered a viable option to regular schooling. The difficulty with homeschooling comes from the side of socialization. Children need to develop social skill and learn cues from their peers. Moreover, there is a great deal of support online and from other parents who choose this type of education for their children.

All types of resources are available. Additionally, social networks integrate the children with activities set to reach goals. The children seem to flourish within the framework of support, encouragement, materials and social opportunities available.


Although the statistical majority of home schooled kids is male, this is not the rule

Zhang is an outstanding example of what can be accomplished with this style of learning. Her family is very supportive of her education, and they are very happy to see her now enter a new phase. Her father runs a training school in addition to mentoring his daughter. He is confident she with carry on to complete a Ph.D.

Many resources are available to those who decide home school is best. With the rising cost of education, sometimes it just makes more sense. Substantially, Zhang Yiwen is a shining example of the possibilities home schooling can produce. She has a bright future ahead of her in the field of electronic engineering. She will complete three years at the School of Information and Electronic Engineering in Shangqui. After that, the sky is the limit.

Even if she decides to change careers at a later stage in life, these years of learning and growth will serve her well. Having a good base of education is essential.


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