Holographic Technology Today and Tomorrow

Holographics Today and Tomorrow
Holographics Today and Tomorrow

Holographic technology has become popular with the use of 3D projection, thanks to technological advancements.

But what is the meaning of holographic technology? What does holograph mean?

As a child, you may have always been fascinated with the holograms that you would see in Sci-fi movies such as Star Wars. For example when Princess Leia spoke one of the most iconic lines in the movie. Holograms have also been featured in Prometheus, Avatar, and Star Trek.

Fortunately, this thing that we, until now, can only witness at the movies, is becoming a part of reality.



The Usage of Holographic Projection Technology Today

The use of Holographic images in entertainment began in 2012 during Coachella. Coachella is a world-renowned music festival that is held annually. During the April 2012 event, the organizers used a hologram to bring Tupac Shakur back to life.

2 years later, the Billboard Music Awards followed the trend as they resurrected the king of Pop Michael Jackson. Holograms have started to become mainstream during recent years.

Not long ago, Hologram USA revealed to the public that Whitney Houston would be having a concert tour. The company also plans to bring a number of other prominent personalities back to life.

Holographics Today and Tomorrow - The Usage of Holographic Today
Holographic Technology Today and Tomorrow – The Usage of Holographic Today


As opposed to regular camera images, a Hologram records the light field that allows 3-D projection

It may appear to be real. However, the holographic technology used to bring Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur back to life was actually a technology that had already existed 150 years ago.

But the impending concert tour of Whitney Houston will be different. They have claimed that the images will be projected onto a special performer.

This will allow “Whitney” to interact with the audiences during her performance. The artist who will assume the role of “Whitney” live on stage will have the exact same proportions as the late singer.



Holographics Today and Tomorrow - the entertainment industry
Holographic Technology Today and Tomorrow – the entertainment industry


Holographic technology is not only restricted to the entertainment industry

The research referred to as “Well Done” is focused on using this latest innovation to allow the corporate world to conduct meetings and brainstorming in the comfort of their homes. The project will give everyone who can access the meeting a holographic view of the office. Microsoft is also offering their windows holographic technology through their HoloLens.



Developments in the field of holographic technology are taking place as you read this article

The possibilities are simply endless. One of the great things about what is about to come is that it creates a nice blend of theatrics and functionality.

The tools used for 3D holography, such as Microsoft HoloLens, provide a specialized solution that can be utilized for digital arts and practicality.

The innovation in this industry can also revolutionize fields such as entertainment, non-photorealism, architecture, real estate, medical, space, education, and many others.


Holographics Today and Tomorrow - Microsoft HoloLens
Holographic Technology Today and Tomorrow – Microsoft HoloLens


Holographic technology has yet to achieve its full form. According to the experts, it will probably take around 15 years or more before we will be able to experience some distinct improvements.