Hollywood Knows About Sexual Assaults Harvey Weinstein Committed Including Ben Affleck And Matt Damon

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Hollywood Knows About Sexual Assaults Harvey Weinstein Committed Including Ben Affleck And Matt Damon
Hollywood Knows About Sexual Assaults Harvey Weinstein Committed Including Ben Affleck And Matt Damon

Harvey Weinstein is the target example of sexual harassment in Hollywood

After a breaking revelation of all the pedophilia in Hollywood, media, and music industries, the media is targeting only one man, Harvey Weinstein. Although Mr. Weinstein is responsible for numerous assaults and decades of influence, it should be clear as day that he is not acting alone.

Indeed, the countless others who have contributed to the career manipulation through sexual favors are long. The media needs to stop focusing on one man and continue to put a halt to the continuation of these misdeeds.


Producers, directors, agents, and managers

Oliver Stone is only one other example of a producer who had and continues his hold authority in the industry. Mr. Stone is friends with Mr. Weinstein. It’s not unreasonable to suggest they may have even planned the careers of actresses they wished to have hands all over. As far as the eyes can see, every producer, agent, manager, etc. needs to be investigated for sexual assault and the like.

Attempting to speak out on behalf of victims, whether to get more press or maybe insincerity, certain celebrities are making a bad situation worse. Ben Affleck who is known as a director, producer, screenwriter, and actor tweeted encouragement to the women who are standing up and speaking out about their fearful experiences.

In the process, actresses such as Rose McGowan have revealed Mr. Affleck’s part in this play. McGowan reminds Affleck of his knowledge of the scandal. She shows us Affleck has known for over a decade about these incidences.

Affleck has been seen in certain interviews groping women, and in Hilary Burton’s case, he was accused of and admitted to grabbing her breast. Immediately, he tweeted an apology in response to the revealed antics.


Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Ben Affleck’s longtime friend and fellow actor Matt Damon have professed his ignorance of the antics. He insists if he had known about any of it, a protective reaction would have surfaced. Damon applauds the strength and courage of the assaulted women and believes they should be validated. He hopes they find closure and healing from this cover-up revealed.



Jane Fonda, Courtney Love, Renee Zellweger, Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and an extensive list of other celebrities have known about this tactic for many years. Everyone chose to walk away instead of report the indiscretions. Certainly, this in itself is a crime.


Conspiracy to harm

Hollywood needs to break the sexual harassment syndicate and the casting couch completely. Terminate agencies, the young grooming of actors, musicians, models, all matter of celebrities, need to be cleaned up.

The idea of clicking all that exists for evil and deleting it from the infrastructure is way too simple a task. These are people who have hurt and continue to hurt many other people. Harvey Weinstein is currently taking the brunt to leave the remainder of the culprits in the dark. Light needs to be shed on all this corruption. Mr. Weinstein is only the tip of the iceberg.

Apparently, there is no integrity to be found in Hollywood. Everyone is lying either to themselves or someone else. The fact that most want to ignore the attempted assaults or rape is disturbing.

In 2005, Courtney Love made a point of telling others “If Harvey Weinstein invites you to a private party in the Four Seasons? Don’t go.” At the same time, she knew of the libel that would quickly blacklist her career for her remark.




Year-long harassment

Rita Moreno spoke at the Paley Honors celebrating Women in Television. She recalled when she was new in the business, young and wanted desperately to act. She fell victim to an entire year of sexual harassment by the head of Fox at the time, Buddy Adler. Therefore, the casting couch was a well-known step in any celebrity’s career.

Meanwhile, don’t expect most of Hollywood to expose the truth. They are obviously afraid to reveal it. This wave of whistle blowing on Harvey Weinstein will eventually die down. What will remain? Many more twisted and sick individuals still in positions of power.


I hope the tide changes quick

At the same time, the media is reporting censorship. Re-written or canceled investigative stories are constantly on the monitor. Only with the creation of the deep dark web, Wiki leaks and other news organizations and individuals who want to report the truth is there any light being shed on the corruption of everyday life. However, that is a whole other article.

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mage credit: pexels.com