Historic UFO Site of Warminster Revisits Fascination

UFOs of Old Return To Warminster

Historic UFO Site of Warminster Revisits Fascination
Historic UFO Site of Warminster Revisits Fascination

Enigma town to UFOs, Warminster, witnesses another sighting.

It all began on Christmas Day in 1964. Arthur Shuttlewood spotted an unidentified flying object near his home in Warminster, England. He happened to be a writer and wrote a very descriptive mysterious tale about the object.

Shuttlewood began to document his sightings over time. He noted the sounds of the aircraft entering the skies above and every detail with poetic words. Soon the locals were attracted and awed by the mystery. Shuttlewood published his stories in a newsletter distributed to the entire town. He gained much momentum from his neighbors and their questions. In September of 1965, Shuttlewood published his findings and found himself notorious from a publication in the Daily Mirror.

The article made rave reviews, and the BBC soon followed up with a documentary on Arthur Shuttlewood, and Warminster, the UFO capital of the world.

Over the years, many have tried to cash in on the information and legendary home of UFO sightings.

Over the summer, 2017 people are once again awed and confused by unidentified objects lighting up the skies. Many questions what they see and attribute their views to the traditional UFO. However, under more investigation, clearly, the lights can be identified. Some of the recent sightings were planes others were lights emitted by a stunt plane.


VIDEO (express.co.uk):


People are still enamored with the idea of UFOs.

Aerosparx could be responsible with some of the sightings. Aerosparx makes planes that will light up the sky on any given night. Certainly, it is more likely that a plane is lighting up the sky than alien visitors. However, Aerosparx doesn’t make just your average plane. The lights on this toy are sparkly and range in color and lighting patterns. Indeed, the plane is a beauty to behold, particularly in the dark. I wouldn’t mind watching the fireworks from that baby nor would I refuse a ride.

Aerosparx is running display teams and air shows to show off their fantastic planes. I would imagine that would be a show worth seeing and wondering about. Besides, you can enjoy the show without wracking your brain trying to figure out what you are seeing.


Why are people so desperate to believe the inexplicable?

What is the fascination with tricking yourself into believing something so farfetched? Especially in a world as high tech as we claim to be.

Warminster residents continue to look for the miraculous to keep their name in the news and their history intact. Although the history of Warminster surrounds questions of UFOs, the wonder over the mystery is gone. I do believe Aerosparx has taken its place.

Next time you look up at the sky, look for a plane with amazing lights, sparks and an air show you will wonder over.


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