In-Shadow: A Modern Odyssey is a masterpiece, despite it being a 13-minute short-film it accurately depicts the sinister reality of the dark shadow that dominates the Western world

Breakthrough artist and film-maker Lubomir Arsov has created a heart-stopping short-film which masterfully depicts the horrific dark shadow that dominates those who live in the West. In-Shadow: A Modern Odyssey is only 13-minutes in length, but its powerful message will leave you shaken and changed within your innermost core.

No words are necessary within the film, in fact, words would do the film’s message an injustice. The symbolism Arsov uses is vivid, he aims to reach into the piercing light of your soul and wake you up to your authentic destiny.




The film opens with a heartbeat; a depiction of our planet trapped in a box from which it cannot appear to escape

This theme of the cube, and dark shadow forces not permitting one to look outside of the box, pervades until the Armageddon-style scenes towards the end. As though it is our very darkness that will ultimately set free the light within. Like a phoenix from the ashes of our self-destruction.

Arsov examines every aspect of the Western establishment, the idol of which is money. There is something very Kabbalistic about his message. However, one could ascribe any esoteric philosophy to his imagery. Arsov examines every institution that each human passes through from birth until death. Education that removes the color and soul of a child to turn them into a puppet that will drone away in an office, or become a rampant killer on the battlefield.


The sinister puppeteers behind the mainstream media, music industry and consumerist society are revealed to be one and the same

The law requires happiness, and for one to remain oblivious to the vile and horrific exploitation of the planet, to innocent animals, and those who live in the third world. Arsov depicts this compulsory happiness with the symbol of a mask that contains a forced, and oversized smile.



The film goes on to explore the divide-and-conquer nature of the shadow overlords. Overlords who profiteer from distracting the masses with encouraging self-obsession. Nothing exemplifies and symbolizes this perfect way to keep the masses unaware of the darkness running their lives, then the selfie.

Naturally, self-obsession is the loneliest obsession, and big pharma comes with their band-aids to dumb down the masses even further. Meanwhile, blood money, drug money, and laundered money filter up to the elite.


An elite that controls the masses by pitting black against white, right against left, man against woman…distract distract distract!

However, despite the horror and dystopia that deepens and thickens as the film progresses, the final scenes reveal the burst of life, of light, that none can succeed to contain.

Not wanting to reveal or spoil the film, I implore you to watch and experience for yourself. Myself? I have viewed this short-film several times, with cathartic obsession.

As Arsov implores you on his website “Do you play pretend? Fragment, bury, hide. Unpleasant, dangerous, unwanted. Suppress and stay: In Shadow. Dare to embark on a visionary journey through the fragmented unconscious of the West, and with courage, face the Shadow.

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