OMG! Harvard Scientist to be Guinea Pig in Anti-Aging Drug Test

Harvard Scientist to be Guinea Pig in Anti-Aging Drug Test
Harvard Scientist to be Guinea Pig in Anti-Aging Drug Test

A Harvard scientist is so confident his anti-aging drug will work, he is using himself as a Guinea pig to prove its results

David Sinclair is a Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, and he is convinced he has stumbled upon an anti-aging drug, so powerful, that he is testing it on himself.  Already he has proven that this drug has profound anti-aging abilities with mice. Geriatric mice have been proven to have the youth of young adulthood restored to them when administered this medication.


Harvard Scientist to be Guinea Pig in Anti-Aging Drug Test
Harvard Scientist to be Guinea Pig in Anti-Aging Drug Test


Sinclair is now ready to take his discovery of the fountain of youth to human clinical trials. So confident is he in the success of his predicted outcome, he is going to put himself in the position of a test subject. The initial clinical trials are only to observe for side-effects. However, if researchers observe nothing detrimental, further tests will take place.


Sinclair’s childhood obsession with reversing the aging process

Sinclair has an impressive curriculum vitae. It is no wonder he can convince many of his claim that he has found the elixir of eternal youth . A molecular biologist, he also holds the position of Co-director of Harvard University’s Paul F. Glenn Laboratories for the Molecular Biology of Aging.

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As a four-year-old boy growing up in Australia, he always pondered the “gravity” of the aging process. He took this passion and made it a prestigious career. As well as his position within extremely reputable Harvard University, he has founded many Biotechnological companies as startups.

From his time as a student, his focus has been on isolating what exactly triggers the aging process. For his entire career, he has been researching what could potentially reverse or prevent aging. Ultimately, his fountain-of-youth discovery happened by accident.


Harvard Scientist to be Guinea Pig in Anti-Aging Drug Test
Harvard Scientist to be Guinea Pig in Anti-Aging Drug Test


The longevity secrets within red wine

The health benefits of drinking red wine in moderation are no secret.
Even the American Heart Association admits that red wine can potentially protect you from heart disease. Nutritionists have long touted the famed Mediterranean diet as the well-kept secret of longevity amongst the centenarian population in Acciaroli, a small Italian village.

Therefore it likely comes as no surprise that Sinclair cracked the longevity code from within red wine. He was able to isolate a chemical called Resveratrol. He tested resveratrol by administering it to mice, and was able to extend their lives by 30%.


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When Sinclair and his team studied the mechanics of the anti-aging process they had witnessed, they were able to break down the key components. It was then that the team understood how they could indeed make the aging process reversible.


“Not prolonging old age, prolonging health and youthfulness”

Many skeptics are concerned that if people live longer, it would mean they would spend many more years on earth in a decaying geriatric state. However, Sinclair stresses that this cure is about keeping people out of nursing homes. He stresses that his discovery would simply improve the quality of life for the elderly. In other words, they could enjoy their final years on earth feeling healthy and energetic.


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Without entering into confusing scientific jargon, the basic process of his cure works in the following way: NAD+ is an enzyme that our youthful bodies produce to repair our DNA. As we age, we produce less, and it can no longer ward off the protein DBC1. When scientists reintroduce NAD+ to the body, the DNA can begin to restore health to the body.

However, the body cannot directly receive NAD+. Therefore scientists have been administering it to the mice test subjects through nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). The Japanese are already testing the effects on humans, however, Sinclair endeavors to start human testing in the west imminently.