Let’s look at what the zodiac has in store for 2018 and learn how to use the upcoming celestial energies for a happy, healthy, and wealthy new year!


Will the zodiac provide a happy, healthy and wealthy new year for you in 2018? Ultimately, the answer is always yes! However, the catch is that you should be willing to use the upcoming celestial energies wisely!

Below we will look at how the major planetary energies for 2018 will affect your zodiac sign. Please note, for more correct results, read for your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign. Additionally, you may check for any other sign clearly featured in your natal chart.


Firstly, the good news!

Jupiter, the planet of luck, optimism, and faith is in Scorpio for most of the year. Scorpio represents mysteries, intensity, depth, and extremes. Essentially, this means you are feeling optimistic and happy in the area of your life where you feel most secretive and passionate. Ultimately, in this part of your life, there is a sense of hope and that that things could get better.


Therefore, in what area of your life will Jupiter in Scorpio bring you luck?

Aries: Lifecycles and personal transformation

Taurus: With a significant other

Gemini: Practical obligations and health

Cancer: Adventure, creativity, and romance

Leo: Home and family

Virgo: Communications and learning

Libra: Values and resources

Scorpio: Personal identity

Sagittarius: Dreams and blind-spots

Capricorn: Friends and community

Aquarius: Career and public life

Pisces: Philosophy and foreign travel


Finally, towards the end of the year, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius. Consequently, you will feel an important and happy energy shift. In other words, your confidence, faith, and sense of good luck will double in size!


These are the areas of your life that this will affect:

Aries: Philosophy and foreign travel

Taurus: Lifecycles and personal growth

Gemini: With a significant other

Cancer: Practical duties and health

Leo: Adventure, creativity, and romance

Virgo: Home and family

Libra: Communications and learning

Scorpio: Values and resources

Sagittarius: Personal identity

Capricorn: Dreams and blind-spots

Aquarius: Friends and community

Pisces: Career and public life


Where your life is up for scrutiny in 2018

Saturn, the celestial judge, moved into its home sign of Capricorn at the end of 2017. Saturn will stay in Capricorn, the sign of hard work and serious success, for the next couple of years. In other words, this means that for a time it will feel like there is a part of your life that seems to be under judgment and audit.

Consequently, things might feel like they will drag slowly, like an anchor is holding you back. On the other hand, you might have to face up to consequences of decisions you made over the past 14 years. Essentially, the secret to success is to be authentic and patient.



Notably, the area of your life that will be up for audit is as follows:

Aries: Career and public life

Taurus: Philosophy and foreign travel

Gemini: Lifecycles and personal growth

Cancer: With a significant other

Leo: Practical duties and health

Virgo: Adventure, creativity, and romance

Libra: Home and family

Scorpio: Communications and learning

Sagittarius: Values and resources

Capricorn: Personal identity

Aquarius: Dreams and blind-spots

Pisces: Friends and community


How your life will change

Uranus, the planet of radical change, revolution and uncertainty moves into Taurus in the middle of May 2018. For the past several years, you may have noticed a global rebellion in individuality. In other words, this was the power of Uranus energy inside headstrong Aries.

However, in mid-May great change will come in the material world. Wealth will get a shake-up. Furthermore, the nature of money may change. Also, people could begin to change their diets radically. Maybe the Taurus cows will fight back in the slaughterhouse?

Additionally, Taurus is about all things sensual and material. Also, there will likely be a rethinking of the definition of beauty. Ultimately, this process will take place over several years.


How will this affect you personally? Check your sign below to see which area of life you will experience the most radical shake-up:

Aries: Values and resources

Taurus: Personal identity

Gemini: Dreams and blind-spots

Cancer: Friends and community

Leo: Career and public life

Virgo: Philosophy and foreign travel

Libra: Lifecycles and personal growth

Scorpio: With a significant other

Sagittarius: Practical duties and health

Capricorn: Adventure, creativity, and romance

Aquarius: Home and family

Pisces: Communications and learning


Key times for positive boosts

Excitingly, Jupiter will make a sextile to Pluto during January. Basically, Jupiter is the planet of hope, faith, and positivity and Pluto is the planet of rebirth. Essentially, Pluto has been traveling through Capricorn for several years already.

Primarily, this sextile is like a special celestial gift! Furthermore, this sextile will happen three times during 2018: mid-January, mid-April, and mid-September.

In essence, you will get a happy and positive boost to the area of your life that Pluto is transforming! Till now, this area has felt like it has been reduced into a pile of ashes. But Jupiter will help your inner phoenix rise!



See below how this will affect you personally:


Your faith in your own personal rebirth will give a boost to your current career changes.


A positive significant other boosts the growth of your expanding horizons. Maybe you will go on an eye-opening foreign vacation?


Your newfound positive energy to tackle practical matters, and improve your health, boosts the transformations in your personal rebirth.


Your lively creative and romantic energy boosts the transformations you are experiencing with a significant other.


Positivity from home boosts the renewal you are undergoing with practical duties and health improvements.


Successful positive communication boosts transformations in your creative and romantic life.


Positive energy from your value system and resources boost transformations you are undergoing in your home.


Your positive personal identity gives a boost to the transformations you are undergoing in communicating and learning.


Potentially, positive energy within your subconscious dream-life give a boost to the transformations in your value system and resources.


Fundamentally, positive energy from your circle of friends and greater community give a boost to the transformations to your personal identity.


Positive energy in your career and public life give a boost to the transformations in your subconscious and dream-life.


Positive energy from your expanding philosophies and faith give a boost to the transformations in your circle of friends and the greater community.


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