Automated car test drives all over the globe

Do you remember getting a driver’s permit and learning how to drive? The excitement you felt while standing in line at the DMV waiting for your driving exam? The jubilation at holding your very first driver’s license? It is a right of passage to drive. Part of our culture is behind the wheel cranking tunes as we drive fearlessly towards our destination. Road trips with music jams and snack foods for the road. All these moments had meaning and their memory is pleasantly powerful. Automated cars are intended to take that all away.

With the new world of automation, you can now look forward to a boring ride in your fancy luxury vehicle. No hands will power the steering wheel. No feet needed to express your authority over the road and your car. Nope. Those days are over. Nonetheless, many car companies compete to put out the very first of its technologically advanced automated automobiles. They think this is the most exciting invention. I say, it sucks.


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Human minds need to think and work out problems

As wonderful as technological advances have helped us in many ways, they don’t replace the human need to think, learn, express desire and feel pleasure. It is a pleasure to drive. How many times did you get in your car for a joy ride to just experience the feel of the road under your control? I can think of a million times and a million reasons. The skill of maneuvering my car out of the mud, ice, snow, and traffic is part of life’s wonderful experiences. The joy and frustration that go along with relating to other drivers will now be taken away? Why?

Meanwhile, if an automated car has the power to control your ride, it will only be a matter of time before it will control your ride. Let me explain. The moment, as human beings we give up our rights and privileges to basic inherent milestones, we give up our complete autonomy. We give up control over our lives. First, we will be enchanted with this new toy that we don’t even have a hand in power. Second, the toy will be programmed with restrictions. Third, we will lose decision-making opportunities. No more will you decide your destination. Therefore, the car or whoever programmed the car will control it and you. Why would I want to give up driving?




I like my autonomy, and it’s fun to drive

The new Intelligent World Drive Automated S-Class is now in its testing phase. Driving function on all five continents will gather vehicle-based complex driving and traffic situations. The purpose is to gather valuable driving experience for autonomous driving. Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz have waved the flag to begin the race of vehicle testing. Between now and January 2018, the car will experience terrain in China, Australia, South Africa and Las Vegas.


German automobile company Mercedes-Benz

The German automobile company will collect information from “Intelligent Word Drive” to evaluate real traffic conditions. All the functions will be brought online with country-specific driving laws and habits. The company insists legislation must keep pace with every evaluation and advancement. According to one of the members of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, “Legal certainty is essential for the acceptance of autonomous driving in society. So we quickly need further international harmonization of the legal framework.”



The “goal” of this plan is to create an intelligent and safe vehicle. Creating a legal framework for automated cars and automated driving will dictate international agreement on traffic laws. Worldwide legislation will create mandatory driver requirements and certification with data storage.


The test sites will gather mapping information in each city around the globe

The lighting system features digital light technology. Additionally, continuous high beams utilize chips with micro-mirrors and pixels in each headlamp. The lights will have the capability to communicate with the car’s surroundings.

Moreover, car innovation sounds interesting and play worthy; however, it doesn’t sound like a fun ride. Furthermore, the legal ramifications do not emit confidence that I will be able to control my own vehicle. I want to decide where and when I go somewhere. Who wants to feel caged in a mini moving jail? If I can’t drive, why not just take a train or bus?

I can’t imagine anyone wants to give up driving autonomy. I emphatically say no to new driving laws and restrictions. Finally, I say no to non-engaged navigation.


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Image credit: Mercedes-Benz