Can You Hack the Matrix?

Can You Hack the Matrix?

Hack the Matrix
Hack the Matrix

Science says your brain does not live in reality and can explain how you can hack the matrix

If we don’t live in reality, who and what can you trust and believe when you want to hack the matrix? Countless studies indeed prove our brains do not live in reality. Science suggests that politicians, corporations, and the media take advantage of how our brains function.

Paranoia reigns supreme as we hear about widespread “Fake News.” You can argue till you are blue in the face with an opponent, and they refuse to accept facts you present. When they respond with their argument, it sounds so fake! Sadly, there is so much turmoil in the world. Everyone has a unique perspective, and no one believes that any other’s is true. It is a matrix of insanity and panic. But could we hack our brains out of this web?

By understanding how your brain functions, you can begin to question the false reality you live inside. You can really hack your way to the truth! Below we have listed some of the knots in the matrix that entangle your brain. Ultimately, this could be your key out of your mental prison.


The Brain Constantly Ignores Facts

Hack the Matrix - The Brain Constantly Ignores Facts
Hack the Matrix – The Brain Constantly Ignores Facts

The brain chooses to block out images that are there in front of you. When you are busy focusing on what you believe is important, peripheral items disappear from your visual field.

A phenomenon called “motional-induced blindness” has been subject to lab observation since 1965. When a flurry of movement is occurring, and we are trying to focus on a central item, other stationary objects appear invisible. They reappear if we shift our attention.

Research has suggested that our brains can’t take in all the information, so blocks a part of it. It could be a protective measure. But when someone swears blind they didn’t see something you did – maybe they didn’t?

To illustrate, this is why we always need to check our blind-spot when we are driving.





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