Hack Good Luck with Science!

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Hack Good Luck with Science
Hack Good Luck with Science

Psychologist Richard Wiseman conducted a ten-year study that revealed people could hack their lives to bring them good luck.


However, this luck hack comes with a caveat. You have to drop the superstitions and the lucky charms. Despite 72% of people utilizing such trinkets, amulets and superstitious practices, studies show they never influence outcomes.

Initially, Wiseman advertised for people to participate in the study who deemed themselves either naturally lucky or unlucky. He conducted several experiments on them to understand the underlying personality traits that differentiated them.


Hack Good Luck with Science!
Hack Good Luck with Science!


In one experiment, participants were given newspapers and asked to count the number of pictures within. The people who believed themselves to be naturally unlucky took a couple of minutes to add together the total number of photos. However, those who deemed themselves lucky worked out the answer within a few seconds.


Unlucky people can’t see the wood for the trees

The reason the lucky people found the answer so quickly, was because on the second page of the newspaper the answer to the question was printed in bold writing. The unlucky people couldn’t immediately see the number of pictures as they were so busy counting pictures. Immediately a striking difference between the two types of people became clear.

Another experiment involved a presentation of scenarios to the group. When offered the imagined scenario of a bank robbery, again, the responses between those who saw themselves as lucky and unlucky was stark. Wiseman described a situation where the bank robber shoots them in the arm during the robbery. He asked each participant how they would respond if it were them.



The people who saw themselves as unlucky saw the negativity in the circumstances

They complained how they must have found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that the situation was a disaster. On the other hand, those who believed they were lucky described how in such a scenario they would be grateful that they had not been shot dead.


Is the cup half empty or half full?

It is an age-old cliche: “Is the cup half empty or is the cup half full?”¬† But the cliche has stood the test of time clearly for good reasons. Lucky people tend to expect the unexpected without judgment.

They clearly recognize that things could turn out much worse. There is an element of gratitude for the fortunate events in their life.


Hack Good Luck with Science!
Hack Good Luck with Science!


Unlucky people, however, expect negative outcomes. Additionally, when positive results and opportunities present themselves, they rarely observe them within their line of vision. Instead, they are busy waiting for their luck to turn sour.

Such people who view themselves as unlucky notoriously suffer anxiety. The tension resulting from this stress gives them tunnel vision, and they live their lives focusing on surviving whatever negative situations that they view as inevitable.


The four good luck hacks

Wiseman believes that absolutely anyone can start to develop the attitude of lucky people and hack their personal lives to also become lucky. So confident is he in his hypothesis, he ran what he calls a Luck School.

So successful was his Luck School, 80% of the participants, who would normally label themselves unlucky, went away feeling happy and satisfied with their lives. They developed new relationships and discovered lucrative career opportunities.


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You can immediately hack good luck too!

Here are the hacks for luck that Wiseman taught to the participants of his Luck School:

1. Lucky people take the time to notice details and create opportunities. They will purposefully glance out of the small box of their perception. They constantly look into their blind spots.

2. Lucky people always listen to their intuition. They will purposefully clear their mind of clutter to hear it more clearly, by practicing mindfulness and meditation techniques.

3. Lucky people create positive self-fulfilling prophecies and expect good. They recognize life is more of a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Things go down, but then they go up again. They focus on the ups and see the downs as just part of the journey that will take them upward again.

4. Lucky people maintain a flexible attitude. What other’s define as bad luck, they interpret to mean that they haven’t reached their inevitable good outcome yet. They never give up hope, and will often take the bad and turn it into good.