Government Wants To Control You And Here Are More Than Seven Ways They Do Already

There are more than seven things the government does not want you to know | Image credit:Tom Blackwell /

Government Wants To Control You And Here Are More Than Seven Ways They Do Already
Government Wants To Control You And Here Are More Than Seven Ways They Do Already

More than seven major things you are truly not supposed to know about government

There are so much more than seven things you are not supposed to know. It is my hope this article will motivate you to investigate more. Find the truth for yourself; it’s the only way you will know truth from fiction. Don’t believe anything you read or hear or even see. Because there are always things, you don’t see. But ask questions and find answers. This is essential for everyone to be free thinking.

The media is one agent used to monitor all that is controlling your life. It’s past time to be discriminating in your acceptance of every law, societal etiquette, opinions, beliefs; everything needs to be examined by you to find the real facts and inevitably the consistent truths.



1. Switzerland is not neutral

What began with the reclamation of a Templar treasure from the pharaohs of Egypt, a group brought back this treasure. Thus greed and insanity began. The exact order of events is not clear. However, the facts are crystal.

The Palladian Order, FreemasonrySkull and Bones societyKlu Klux Klan and other masons are all analogous clubs. Every political leader and important person in the whole world are members of this club. There are 33 levels to climb in the Mason club.

Every president was a part of the club. Except for Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Ronald Reagon did try to reveal some truths, but he was unable.

During the civil war, a man named Albert Pike, whose statue you walk by in Washington, was an agent of the Old Swiss Confederacy. In fact, their flags are the same.

Albert Pike knew Lincoln understood the importance of the slave trade, cotton production and the money funnel they created. He made sure Lincoln was removed from the equation to continue the plans of the Palladian Order/Freemasons of which he was one.

Many sleeper agents throughout American History carried out the orders of the Swiss. The final goal was and continues to be a New World Order, in which they are the dictators.

Swiss banks were established for all the money to “flow” and remain within the vaults of the Vatican and the Secret Society Members. Switzerland remains the most expensive country in the world. They also have a badge worn proudly stating “Invisible Empire.” This “Invisible Empire” planned, executed and funded each World War as well as every terror attack and political problem imaginable and unimaginable.



2. America is the stage for propaganda of the New World Order

The introduction and mind control the media, movies, music, liberalism, discrimination, human rights, civil rights, the list goes on, of ideas bombarding the public to influence thoughts and control liberties is ongoing and so subtly effective most are completely unaware.



Tyrants are often used to this end. They will create trouble, poverty, the suffering of all kinds to make societies uncomfortable beyond measure. Finally, when the tyrants are removed from power, civilians are ready to give up civil liberties of all kinds just to have some peace and security. Nevertheless, those are the very things they are giving up.


3. Conspiracy Theories are just a label

To maintain their order in the world, the Invisible Empire must remain cloaked. Liberals were an invention to label right and wrong, or acceptable to maintain control over the masses. Conspiracy theories were labeled as such to discredit the fact finders. It’s time to rename Conspiracy Theories. They should be known as facts.

If you look at “conspiracy” behind the Kennedy assassination, you will see freemasons and all they employ responsible his murder. Rather than admit the truth, they labeled the facts as a conspiracy.

Many facts are supporting the planned attack on 9/11, more than I can account here. However, it remains incumbent for each of us to look at the facts. Notice the videos began before the towers were hit. How would anyone know on this day at this time, to video this building?

Facts are supporting a demolition of the towers in conjunction with the plane crash. This attack was not an accident. But it remains labeled “conspiracy theories.” Look at the facts yourself and decide with your discrimination what is possible and what is not.


4. Discrimination is designed to divide and isolate people

There are many things created by this corrupt force of the Mason order to divide and conquer religions, governments, societies, communities, and individuals all for their greed. They make a great deal of money cultivating social diversities and the outgrowths from all of them. This includes gays, gender discrimination, skin color, religion, etc.

It is very important to note, blacks and whites received money for recruitment of slaves before the civil war. Africans, as well as the Swiss or Masons, contribute to the beginning of the slave trade and cotton trade. No longer can blacks claim discrimination, because the facts reveal their brethren were equally responsible for their torture, suffering, and slavery.


5. The Masons use all major religions to instill more fear and control people

The history of each major religion should be investigated thoroughly. The pope is a freemason as are all other religious and political leaders. They do a disservice to the truths within belief systems. There are sparks of truths within each. Therefore a belief in a higher power is legitimate. Look up the origins of these religions, and you will find those truths as well as the elements added for purposes of fear and control.

Roman Catholic popes and other representatives quotes are in the Ecclesiastical Megalomania. The Rerum Novarum forms the basis of legitimizing the stealing of manufactured and natural goods for economic survival and human rights. The secret societies have gone so far as to document all human rights. They assign themselves as the “auxiliaries of the church” and the effective government interference to enforce civil liberties and human rights. Enforcement of those rights gives them complete power over every human and their “rights.” It is with this they intend the “redistribution of goods.”

What this means in layman’s terms, is that you can not be in a relationship, have children, eat, clothe yourself, work, or educate for yourself without government approval and interference. The new world order plans to every aspect of economic life. They have gone to great lengths to create this need. By creating wars, conflicts, violence, struggles, poverty, all kinds of turmoil rising to such a level that people will do anything to ease their pain and suffering. The new world government run by all the people of power, Freemasons, and other secret societies will dictate law and humanity.

Everyone will bow before the pope himself and the new world order official leader.


6. World Currencies change to make way for New Order

The Federal Reserve note is worthless. The dollar is worthless. The United States Government is in debt to the bank cartel for trillions of dollars. There is no gold to back up American currency. Now everyone is in a position to accept a new world currency. Once this is in place, the rest of their plans will align.


7. Social Security, IRS, Federal Reserve, and Congress are frauds

Do you really believe it is by accident that you know about the undoing of the World Bank? These are questions you need to ask, and much more.


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