Filtered sewers reveal valuable metals waste

The U.S. is carrying out surveys to remove potentially dangerous metals from the sewage, allegedly. Researchers evaluated sewage sludge worth more than $13 million in metal waste. Simultaneously, Switzerland is conducting a survey of their own plumbing systems which revealed more than $3 million worth of gold and other metals. Now, why would a government collect and examine its own waste?



Yes, you guessed it. Precious and trace metals will soon be worth much more than any dollar bill or paper currency. They are already, however, much gold his hidden from public view or contact. Consequently, it stands to reason every government will begin to collect all metals that could be worthwhile. Examining the soil, rocks, oceans and your poop too will garner them more gold resulting in greater wealth and monopoly.




The “elite” are getting more repulsive by the day

The plan for a new world order and the manufacturers of this socialized slave system will stop at nothing to control every breath you take, and every poop you make. I can hear Sting singing about it now.

Switzerland houses the world’s gold hub. It is one of the major sources of gold production and refining. Particularly in the city of Ticino, refineries serve as providers for customers to standard their gold to grade and purity. Germany, Japan, and South Africa also have a gold refinery.

The demand for gold bullion is increasing as financial currencies are less trusted. Additionally, the price of gold has multiplied exponentially. From 1990 to 2007 Switzerland imported between 1,000 and 1600 metric tons of gold each year. The value ranges between SFr15.7 billion in 1994 and SFr32 billion in 2007. The Good Delivery List produced by the London Bullion Market Association includes the six Swiss gold refining companies. The high standards for gold purity are set by the London Association, and Switzerland meets their criteria with no problem.




Gold is the most valuable commodity

Much of the gold found in the wastewater today is also waste from the refineries. Particularly in Ticino pipes, this gold find is deemed worthy of collection. Economically it would make little sense to extract and recycle the gold from these pipes. However, because the quantities are adding up, presently recovery makes sense.

Let this be yet another wake-up call to the collapse of world currencies as the “new world order” will switch to gold trade. Because they already have the monopoly, no private person will have access or entry into trading. Gold is currently and will always be more valuable than paper money or goods. Especially after re-distribution of goods takes place, nothing will equal the value of gold, not even human life.

Maybe it’s time to visit your local geological survey sites. Inquire about their finds and demand the physical evidence for your own acquisition. If it’s your poop they want to examine, that makes it your business.


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