How to go Green on a Budget

How to go Green on a Budget

How to go Green on a Budget
How to go Green on a Budget

Considering the dire state the planet is in, we are sure you have occasionally contemplated how to go green in your home.

Everyone is rightly concerned about climate change and thinks about ways on how to go green. Additionally, scientists have presented the evidence, and now you are likely wondering how you can alter your world to live the green lifestyle, to make sure you can create a positive difference in the world.

But where do you start? Is it going to mean making expensive changes to your life? We have found some simple tips how to go green so you can start changing your lifestyle, without breaking the bank.


Reduce Water Waste

One of the most useless wastes of resources is purchasing bottled water. It has been proven time and again that the water is the same as what you will get from the tap, and on top of that, the plastic bottle will add to the landfill. If you really can’t stand the taste of water from the tap, invest in a water filter and fill up a reusable bottle from this instead.




Use Natural Cleaners

Don’t fall for the marketing scam of chemical-filled cleaning products that can damage your health in the long run. Simple cleaning solutions such as baking soda and vinegar are just as efficient, inexpensive and will not make you sick when you breathe in the fumes.


Borrow Rather than Buy

A bonus from the digital age is that we can rent copies of films and purchase e-books rather than obtain a hard copy that will add to waste in the long run. If you must have a hard copy of a book, for example, use a library or purchase it second hand.


Use the Car Less

We make so many unnecessary journeys in the car and then waste money on a gym membership. All that money on earth-poisoning fuel down the drain, and a gym membership you keep forgetting to use.

And meanwhile, you are putting kilograms onto your waistline. If you are tempted to jump in the car for a journey that would take you only 5 minutes, walk instead. You may find that you arrive in the same amount of time it would have taken to drive around and find a car parking space!


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