Glamorous Mariah Carey Cherishes Monroe Memorabilia

Mariah Carey Displays Glamorous Collection Including Marilyn Monroe relics

Glamorous Mariah Carey Cherishes Monroe Memorabilia
Glamorous Mariah Carey Cherishes Monroe Memorabilia

Sentimental artifacts glamorous Mariah Carey collects

Known as an MTV Diva, glamorous Mariah Carey has wowed audiences with her five-octave vocal range. Her smooth ability to change sounds is sweet and fluid. She worked hard and practiced to maintain control and balance during singing. The musical production of her sound results in a sultry and sugary voice. Most of us are awed by the sound. So much so, that millions of her records sell.

However, Carey’s life has been tumultuous. He record deals, producers, collaborators have all been a great source of stress for the singer songwriter. She has suffered from exhaustion on tours and legal battles, divorce, and illness. We are proud of her perseverance and even a bit surprised by her honesty.

Mariah took the media on a tour of her wonderful walk in closets. She displays the shoes she loves in every color imaginable. There are dresses with sequins, and each one is more glam and sparkly than the next. But this is not what inspires her.


Mariah boasts of her love of the opulent

A very rich sense of style and desire to dress in all kinds of apparel that makes her feel good, beautiful and sexy. However, the diva respects other celebrities who express their creativity and design. Carey points to a handbag given to her by Floyd Mayweather. She also tells of a compact she carries. It belonged to Marilyn Monroe.

After reading a biography about the actress as a child, Mariah became obsessed with everything Marilyn. Therefore she hunted down artifacts to collect.


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Mariah found and bought at auctions a compact and piano

The compact had an estimated worth of no more than $4,000.00. Nevertheless, it sold for $34,500.00. Inside the compact was a snuggly fit typewritten card. Apparently, Monroe carried the compact to the 1961 Golden Globe awards where she had been nominated and accepted an award for the World’s Favorite Female Star.

The acceptance speech said “I’d like to thank you, but what am I doing here? I would have been here sooner, but I was down in Florida.” It continues with, “This is a wonderful surprise for me, being named the most popular in the world.” “I’m moved – thrilled.”

Mariah also found a white baby grand piano from Monroe’s childhood. She purchased the piano in 1999 for over $600,000. Carey claims it is her prize possession. Her obsession even inspired the naming of her daughter, Monroe.

The singer considers the speech sweet and wishes to honor the thoughtful actresses action of taking the time to type it. Moreover, she believes she is keeping it safe for Monroe’s namesake.

Although, as much as Mariah loves everything alluring and beautiful, she comes across as mocking the opulence of it all. Is it possible to love it and hate it at the same time? Mariah appears to take it all in with a sense of humor. We definitively understand the diva’s respect for iconic history.

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