Changes that happen to our bodies when we quit smoking

Wondering what happens the human body when someone stops smoking? Changes start to take place within thirty minutes of the last cigarette. So how does the body purify itself when giving up an addiction to cigarettes in one day, one week, one month, 6 months, and and even a year?


What happens with body when we give up smoking

When a person gives up smoking, their body receives an opportunity to experience complete cleansing. Even though our body makes it very hard to give up smoking, the first positive changes can be detected within just thirty minutes after the last cigarette. And in just 12 months your body will have virtually no signs of nicotine remaining in it.

Today, smokers struggle to admit to how our bodies fight a losing battle to the consequences of smoking, despite the fact that they can witness photographs of damaged lungs almost everywhere. Positive information can only bring more motivation, thus in this article we are going to talk only about positive changes to your body. We do really hope that you will understand why it’s important to quit smoking right now.





What happens in 20 minutes

What happens in 20 minutes
What happens in 20 minutes

Keeping in mind that the body has just stopped receiving four thousand toxic agents, including cyanide, nicotine, arsenic, ammonia and formaldehyde, many basic functions of the body are improving:

  • arterial blood pressure reaches normal values
  • the rate of your heartbeat is decreasing.
  • the level of nicotine in the bloodstream is drastically decreased.
  • The oxygen volume within in the tissues has increased.


What happens in one day

What happens in one day
What happens in one day

In just 24 hours after the last cigarette our lungs are starting the cleansing process:

  • breathing becomes more easy, because the respiratory mucosa is restored.
  • the condition of the blood vessels becomes more stable (not only in the lungs).


Positive changes in a week

Giving up smoking - Positive changes in a week
Giving up smoking – Positive changes in a week

According to statistics, the first week after giving up smoking is the most difficult time for a person. But if you manage to be strong for 7 days, you can feel how your addiction to cigarettes is fading away. You will have less will to smoke, while your body will face the following changes:

  • your sense of smell will be improving and your nose will be able to distinguish more smells.
  • your sense of taste will also have grown and you will be able to feel less intense cravings.
  • your immune system will be more responsive, giving you new surges of energy and vitality, making you feel more creative and hardworking.


What will change in a month

Giving up smoking - change in a month
Giving up smoking – change in a month

Not only will visible changes be noticeable to the person quitting smoking, but all of his friends and relatives will also see these visible changes in just 30 days.

  • Improved color and state of the skin. Skin becomes less yellow and doesn’t look so dry. Your face will look more pink and healthy due to the increased volume of oxygen in your body .
  • Your nails and hair becomes shinier. Improved oxygen saturation makes your hair more lustrous and and your nails more translucent.
  • Your teeth become whiter.
  • You will sleep better. In just a month after you quit smoking you will be able to fall asleep and wake up more easily. You will be more relaxed in the morning.
  • Heaviness in your legs and chronic fatigue will disappear. These changes are caused by the improved state of your lungs, and your entire body at the cellular level.


Cleansing effects after six months

Giving up smoking - Cleansing effect in a half of the year
Giving up smoking – Cleansing effect in a half of the year

Serious cleansing effects will have been accomplished in just 6 months:

  • your blood is totally clean, and it doesn’t contain even one cell that had previously been damaged by the toxic agents from tobacco.
  • the bronchopulmonary system is significantly restored: coughing decreases, or disappears. You will have no wheezing, and your vocal cords and voice will have become softer.
  • your lung capacity will have increased by 10—15%.
  • your liver cells will be partly recovered, as well as the normal functions of the liver restored.





After a year

Giving up smoking - What will change after year
Giving up smoking – What will change after year

All the positive changes, that you have invested the time and discipline in to quit, are completely achieved by the 12 month mark. At that time your body won’t contain even a single cell that had once been receiving the toxic elements from cigarettes. By quitting your addiction to cigarettes, you will have given yourself the following positive benefits:

  • risk of mouth, lung, digestive system and liver cancer is decreased by 80%
  • risk of a heart attack is decreased by 50%.
  • risk of a stroke is decreased by 30%.

Your body will have returned to the same condition as the body of someone who had never even tried to smoke a cigarette in the first place. Thus, you can fill your life with sports, now that you can physically exert yourself without any risk. You can run, go skiing, swim or just go to a fitness center.

Women who have quit smoking for 12 months or longer can totally eliminate any risk from complications they might have experienced in pregnancy and childbirth, that were associated with smoking. Now they will have the same health level as all other non-smoking women.

All ex-smokers claim that the most difficult experience of quitting was overcoming withdrawal syndrome. However, when your addiction to cigarettes eventually decreases, you will evidently notice all the positive changes. All the negative side-effects will simply fade away in just one year, thus we recommend you give up smoking right now!