Genetically Designed Bacteria Bombs Brain Cancer to the Death

Salmonella Bacteria Modified to Kill Brain Cancer


Another new genetically designed bacteria.

A strain of the salmonella bacteria is being modified to target brain cancer tumors and block off their transmissions. This allows the salmonella to kill the cancer tissue and slows down the immune system from reacting to cancer signals.

Cancer cells communicate to one another especially in an environment with little oxygen. They message each other to multiply and spread out. In turn, this knocks up the immune system to fight the C cells, and thus a battle to the death ensues. Usually the death of the cancer patient.

However, a new release of the current study, which the FDA and others receive compensation for, suggests that there is a way to kill the brain tumors and keep them at bay.

A study at Duke University, with rat models, tests advanced stages of brain tumors. The case remarkably revealed a 20 percent survival rate. It included the tumors going into absolute remission.


Just like every other cancer cure the protocol is the same.

First reveal the findings of the studies, in stages of course. Because each release has monetary and media benefits. Second, take the designed treatment and make it into a drug for an easy prescription.

This enables the FDA, doctors, insurance and drug companies to make even more money. Next to producing more drugs for the side effects from the initial medication will mean more advertising and essentially more money for all of them.

As consumers, the misrepresentation and deceit of all these “studies” should wake us up. Meanwhile, we are giving our power away with all our attention and compliance.

There are numerous ways to target C cells and other destructive bacteria in our bodies. The research and clinical trials are endless. But rather than truly treating the disease, the powers that be would prefer to make money.

Who doesn’t want to make money? Ethics are the real question here. It’s a sad world when people we depend on for our health such as doctors, FDA, insurance companies and drug companies only want to pad their wallets.



Treating people’s illnesses so they can feel better and live healthy is not their goal at all.

Every study makes the disclaimer that more research needs to be pursued. Grant money for living expenses is what it all boils down. Everyone needs to wake up and take care of themselves. Consume less drugs and more healthy foods.

Commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle if you desire a healthy body. Less reliance on the researchers gives you power over your own health.

It’s time to take back your power and health. Don’t keep giving it away. It’s great they found a “new cure for cancer.” You should know, it’s not new and it’s not the cure. Just another fraudulent ad to get more consumers and increasing power.