In an effort to respond to a public who is waking up to a false reality, the government is responding with another covert campaign


A community of researchers who have searched for many years to uncover the truth about President John F. Kennedy’s assassination  are now granted access to files that previously were locked up and under high security. It is a wonder why now the released is happening at all. The new transparency campaign cannot be the only reason.

While the supposed goodwill of the agency releasing the files for inspection is happening in increments, it says nothing about the validity of reproduced copies of transcripts officials corresponded to each other within the Central Intelligence Agency. It also doesn’t tell you about cryptonyms.



Cryptonyms are code names and code phrases referring to various people, places, and incidences. Thirteen-thousand documents were redacted in the past six months. This last week another 2800 were overloaded for public appraisal. While it is essential to see the reports for yourself, there is just no easy way to understand the codes without some other knowledge with which to do so.

Besides the overload and the codes, the CIA has a policy of not committing anything to paper. The CIA Assassination Guide outlines explicitly the idea of not committing anything to paper.



While at the same time, this guide explains:

  • How to select a fall guy
  • Difference between an act of terrorism and a regular assassination
  • How to create a diversion
  • Recommended weapons to use for terror or assassinations
  • Different types of killings
    **** This is all available for you to see in the CIA archives.

Just because reading the documents is a mystical science doesn’t mean you should not try to understand them. Indeed, you should try. President Donald Trump has committed to releasing the files related to the assassination of JFL. This promise apparently is controlled and contrived by the American national security agencies.


They wish to keep many of the records secret

In any reasonable relationship, when someone keeps a secret or more than one secret, there is a wealth of deceit and exertion of power.

It is only with the permission of the CIA and other agencies that the release of the files can happen. The incremental release also indicates a timetable connected to the agenda.

Click on image to see few documents:


Furthermore, interpreting top secret documents is dependent on understanding the parameters the organization follows in reporting incidences and initiatives. Most non-specialists can understand portions of the files. However, full disclosure is not a guarantee if the document formatted is in code. Even though this fact is true, some things might be visible.


Again, it is essential to understand this transparency campaign is a distraction

If the government has misbehaved to the detriment of its citizens, hides this fact and information to prove it, then suddenly decides to redact it, there must be a reason. I believe the reason lies in current events.



If they can turn your focus to what happened 50 years ago, then you won’t be paying attention to what is happening today.
Knowledge is power, and it’s good to know the truth about what happened, but if you take your eyes off what is happening now, the consistent degradation of society continues. If you take your eyes off the current damage underway, there will be no way to recover from it.

Sources report Trump releasing the files in an effort of full disclosure and transparency. He wants to put conspiracy theories to rest. However, the data only prove the arguments are real. Likewise, the white house administration imposed specific guidelines relating to the files release. National Archives and Records Administration dictated a timeline for which the files can be seen.

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