Fashion items that will always retain their popularity

Truly fashionable clothes are clothes that will never become unpopular. Did you know that despite how fashion trends appear to change every day, there are actually many items in your wardrobe that never go out of style? If you were unaware of this, shouldn’t you now go check your wardrobe?


8 clothing items that will never go out of fashion

Fashion loves to create rules, and this may cause you to think that you have to buy, buy and buy new clothes everyday to keep up with the trends. However, there are several timeless items that will never be out of fashion, that you can utilize to create the perfect day to day look, or draw on for special events and parties.

We will avoid discussion about white shirts and tiny black dresses, because much has already been discussed about these.





Instead we are going to look at 8 of the most indispensable items of clothing:

1. – Jeans

Forever Popular Fashion Clothing - Jeans
Forever Popular Fashion Clothing – Jeans

Jeans are the ultimate timeless fashion item. They have been a staple on the catwalk for more than 50 years. The fabric itself hasn’t changed too much during this period, as designers generally concentrate on creating new varieties or adding new decorative features.

Skinny jeans however, in a generic color, are popular at all times. These jeans can make your legs appear slimmer and enhance your figure. What makes jeans unsurpassed as a timeless fashion item is that they can be worn with virtually any shoes: sandals, sneakers, loafers, boots…

Jeans are equally as great for high heel shoes, as they are for flat sneakers or loafers.


2. – Classic heels

Forever Popular Fashion Clothing - Classic shoes
Forever Popular Fashion Clothing – Classic shoes

Shoe fashion is pretty cyclical, however there’s one archetype that hasn’t changed during last 50 years. We are talking about classic heels. The height of the heel makes no difference with these shoes.

Fashion designers work day and night endeavoring to create new varieties, utilizing sharp or blunt noses, and imagining new characteristics for the heels. In so doing, classic heels continue on their victory march. Perfect in any color, black still remains as the ageless legend.

3. – Cashmere sweater

Forever Popular Fashion Clothing - Cashmere sweater
Forever Popular Fashion Clothing – Cashmere sweater

A sweater made from pure cashmere is not cheap, yet it time and again proves to be an ageless fashion piece. One has to know how to maintain it correctly: it must be hand-washed only in warm water in detergents designed specifically for wool.

It must be stored folded in acid-free tissue paper, in an airy place free from moths, and out of direct sunlight. You can create an unlimited number of looks with a cashmere sweater.

Combine it with jeans and you will create the perfect look for your regular daily life. Add a brooch and a skirt and you are ready to go out and socialize.


4. – Leather jacket

Forever Popular Fashion Clothing
Forever Popular Fashion Clothing

Occasionally you hear the claim that the trend of wearing leather jackets has long passed into history. But this is not the case with classic fitted light jackets with a straight outline, or plain blazers that contain no bright or decorative features.

Therefore, a leather jacket is a fundamental item you must keep in your wardrobe. Leather jackets are the perfect complement to jeans, velvet pants and pencil skirts.




5. – Leather boots

Forever Popular Fashion Clothing
Forever Popular Fashion Clothing

High and wide boots with a convenient zipper, and no decorative features, virtually are an eternal fashion option. Such boots can finish any look, perfectly complementing dresses, skirts, jeans and pants.

Furthermore, they perfect the look of any outerwear like jackets, coats and puffers.


6. – High quality leather bag

Forever Popular Fashion Clothing - High quality bag
Forever Popular Fashion Clothing – High quality bag

A classic leather bag can be used for any look and occasion. Leather equals quality, that’s why it is advantageous to own at least one leather bag in an unobtrusive color, and if it has a design on it, it should be generic.





It is preferable to purchase a leather bag from a famous brand. Not really suitable for use on a daily basis, still, such a bag will be your best companion at the office, during a date, at the restaurant or during a party.

And just a tip, in keeping with the timelessness of this fashion, your bag, belt and shoes must be the same color.


7. – Trench coat

Forever Popular Fashion Clothing
Forever Popular Fashion Clothing

A short fitted coat with a straight outline is your best choice during the off-season, spring thaw or the beginning of winter. This clothing is stylish, yet practical, and it has continued to be in fashion for more than 60 years.

Choose beige or khaki, and you will then possess an eternal classic. Furthermore, you can use this coat to create various combinations with different clothing and shoes.

You can modify your trench coat with various accessories: belts, bags, scarves, brooches or hats. You are virtually unlimited when it comes to the fantastic looks you can put together with a trench coat.


8. – Cardigan

Forever Popular Fashion Clothing
Forever Popular Fashion Clothing

Every off-season collection in fashion houses all over the world contain cardigans. They may have different lengths, colors, textures or be made from different materials, but they prove to always be popular.

Plain styles with buttons or lapels are the unsurpassed choice. Don’t forget to keep your body type in mind when selecting a cardigan, as maybe a style with a belt will suit you most. You can create as many different looks as you want by alternating accessories, brooches, and scarves.

So remember, that even if you only have these 8 items in your wardrobe, you can still create several incredible looks for the spring and autumn seasons!