Forbes Top 7 Most Highly Regarded Companies Worldwide

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Forbes Top 7 Most Highly Regarded Companies Worldwide
Forbes Top 7 Most Highly Regarded Companies Worldwide

The best companies and conglomerates according to Forbes


Forbes decided to rank companies and conglomerates based on their popularity. This year, Forbes formed a partnership with Statista and surveyed 15,000 people. These individuals provided evaluations on the 500 Best Employers and 250 of the most highly regarded companies. We all know, popularity is what is most important. Product quality, pricing, and worthiness were not listed as qualifiers in these statistics. Also considered part of the ranking is trustworthiness, honesty, social conduct, and employer performance.


Infographic: The World's Best Regarded Companies In 2017 | Statista



According to Forbes Global 2000, Siemens, a German conglomerate is at the top of the list for 2017 and here is why. Over the last year, Siemens records $90 billion in sales. Profits are over $6 billion and asset holdings are at $154 billion. They also employ 351,000 employees.





Michelin Group produces all kinds of tires, world maps, hotel bookings, traffic news and weather forecast information. In 2016 their gross annual sales reached 30.91 billion Euro.



Alphabet employs approximately 72,053 people and collects a revenue equaling close to $90.27 billion. You can be sure these stats from 2016 do not include the trustworthiness, honesty or social conduct as a gauge. Everyone knows Google plays with SEO and other ranking information. Algorithms are programmed carefully for assets and holdings increases. Bitchute is a great example of the censorship Google maintains over social media outlets such as YouTube. Trustworthiness? Not part of true ranking qualifiers.





A Japanese multinational electronics and video game company employ 5,095 people. However, Nintendo is an umbrella company with others merged with it such as Sony. Evidently, Nintendo has a very long history of providing tried and true video entertainment and other electronics for decades.




Walt Disney

Subsequently, hosting over 195,000 workers, this diversified multinational mass media conglomerate is headquarters for many of the most influential Freemasons and secret societies with pedophile contact on the planet. This far-reaching entertainment monster amasses a revenue that is diversified and ever expanding. Additionally, Disney boasts about it’s multiple divisions. These include Parks, cinema studios, media networks, consumer products, television broadcast networks, publishing, music and more. Finally, having a marked place in the Dow Jones Industrial Average ensures Disney’s relationship with powerful people and corrupt organizations.

Disney is as innocent and neutral as Switzerland




The global brewing company known as the Carlsberg Group has its home in Europe and Asia. Besides employees numbering 42,000 people, Carlsberg manufactures beer, cider, soft drinks and bottled water.

Accordingly, Carlsberg beer, lager, pilsner and special brew are part of the groups market. The market sales are $9.3 billion.




This American technology company retains subsidiaries.  Their profits equal close to $70,000 every minute and $217.48 billion every year. Apple has 116,000 people on its staff, and their production and innovation do not cease. Indeed, gauging trustworthiness is not easy if you don’t own an iPad or an iPhone or an apple computer. However, it is evident that repairs are often a constant concern regarding these products.

Meanwhile, a survey of personal employee satisfaction is the only way to measure employees satisfaction. Moreover, Forbes didn’t publish that information. With a discerning eye, the true intent of this statistic publicity is to promote the commercial groups on the list. The market simply wants more of your money and attention on the corporations Forbes has chosen.


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