Flesh Loving Foodies Say Ostrich Meat Next Big Thing (Video)

Foodies who consume the severed flesh of living creatures suggest that ostrich meat is the next big thing!

Flesh Loving Foodies Say Ostrich Meat Next Big Thing
Flesh Loving Foodies Say Ostrich Meat Next Big Thing

Just when the more intelligent folk among us are adhering to intelligence science and cutting back on, or cutting out meat altogether, flesh obsessed foodies want to add yet another innocent animal to their diet


A report this week on NBC news revealed that ostrich meat is becoming the next big thing with foodies. Apparently, farmers are beginning to farm ostriches in order to murder them for their flesh and make a profit.

NBC’s reporter interviewed a farmer on one such farm to find out their motivation to breed these magnificent birds solely to kill and sell for profit. They claim that ostrich flesh is a healthier alternative to cattle or chicken flesh. Similarly, a local chef, who purchases the severed limbs of the farm’s ostrich population concurs. Additionally he claims that patrons of his restaurant really enjoy how the cooked flesh tastes.


In contrast, more intelligent people are finding fewer reasons to eat meat.

Only heartless people believe it is okay to seek out another poor innocent creature to unleash their blood lust upon. Nevertheless, many people are examining the facts, and recognizing that if they can’t give up meat altogether, they can at least begin to reduce or even gradually phase out, it’s consumption.

Humans do not need to eat enormous quantities of meat on a daily basis. There is simply no scientific evidence that shows that this is the correct way to live. In fact, to the contrary. Overdosing on flesh can impact health in a very negative way.  Indeed, people who eat meat on a daily basis have higher cholesterol, are taking in too many calories and are at greater risk for heart disease. Even the American Cancer Society recommends that meat no longer be the “center of attraction” on people’s dinner plates, due to its negative health impact.




Profiteering leads to cruelty

To make matters worse, high demand for severed animal flesh means that commercial farming practices inevitably cut corners for profit. To meet demand, industrial meat production plants will turn a blind eye to ethics and instead focus on high production turn over. These factory farms will pump innocent animals with hormones and antibiotics, which make their way into the humans that consume them. Additionally, treatment of these gentle sentient beings is horrific.

Adding ostriches to the long list of innocent animals being slaughtered to benefit the human animal seems absurd. However, arrogant flesh loving foodies have a superiority complex. This superiority complex makes them automatically assume they can decide which animals on earth have a right to live or die. Not only do people believe they can decide which animals can live or die. They also think that killing the animals they deem “deserving,” violently and unethically, is permissible.





Flesh Loving Foodies Say Ostrich Meat Next Big Thing
Flesh Loving Foodies Say Ostrich Meat Next Big Thing


Majestic birds terrified on death row

Last February, the Mirror revealed a video that an undercover member of PETA had secretly filmed at an ostrich slaughter house. The images are gruesome, and the staff treated the poor animals like inanimate objects. These giant majestic birds stand on death row and witness their fellows being slaughtered before their eyes. While they are simple in intelligence, their survival instincts tell them that they are headed for the same doom. Like any living being, anticipating a violent end is horrific and terrifying.

Therefore, rather than adding another innocent animal’s flesh to your diet, why not consider reducing the number of animals on that list? There are many options available that are kinder to the creatures that we share our planet with. Additionally, there is no pressure to change over night!





The Reducetarian Movement seeks to educate people about the myths surrounding meat consumption.

Co-Founder of the Reducetarian Movement, Brian Kateman explained how you can start by doing as little as reducing 10% of the flesh from your diet. Doing this will catalyze an initial positive change in the world. The Reducetarian Movement website lists compelling reasons that you should avoid ostrich meat, as well as all other animal products.

Industrial farms are not only cruel to animals; they are a primary factor in climate change.  According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the meat industry produces 20% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. The sewage factory farms produce alone is three times the sewage generated by every citizen in the US. This sewage often leaks into waterways and drinking water. Horrifically, this means water sources become contaminated with bacteria and microbes that can make people sick.


Consider being kind.

There is no need to be a blind sheep and follow the trend encouraging you to eat ostrich flesh. Ostriches are amazing animals. They are the largest birds on earth. Their mating rituals are poetic, and they deserve to perpetuate their lives in their natural wild habitats. Contact the Reducetarian Movement to find out how you can contribute to making the world a better place for future generations.


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